Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 175: Disney magic... it really does exist

If you've lived in California for any length of time as I have, you've been to Disney. It's as much apart of living here as earthquakes and smog checks. Today, I took my four-year-old niece.

Experiencing Disney from a four-year-old's point of view is amazing. Disney knows exactly how to make little girls feel like little princesses, which naturally makes me feel like the best aunt ever.

Upon meeting the various fairies and princesses, my niece was treated to as much time as she wanted to spend conversing. No princess was in any rush. They gave their undivided attention. These are not people dressed up in costumes. These are... well, they technically are people dressed up in costumes... but they take it to another level. They really want kids to believe that they are hanging out with the real deal. I was super impressed.

My niece did not enjoy Snow White's Scary Adventure. She felt it was too scary. The moment she met Snow White she said, "Hey, I went on your ride. It was scary. I won't ever go on that ride EVER AGAIN!" complete with finger pointing. Snow White apologized and soon got my niece giggling again.

Meeting the fairies and princesses was the highlight of her trip. Well, that and dancing with me during the parade. Why? Because along with wanting to take my niece to Disneyland, I also like to rock. 

Grace telling Tinkerbell how it is. 

Grace and Sleeping Beauty discussing some of the finer points of the plot.

Bonding with the big cheese herself, Cinderella.

Dancing with the cheesier Auntie Jan.

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