Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 176: 30-Something Crisis

Sometimes I think the whole point of writing morning pages is to get so sick of self and your current state of affairs that you'll take action just so you don't have to listen to self drone on.

That's what my morning pages have been like since I arrived back from Rome. You, dear reader, may have noticed that my posts haven't been as frequent.

Yeah, I noticed. I didn't want to say...

I've been trying to catch myself up on posts but it's hard to find something NEW to write about when EVERYTHING I write about in my morning pages is the same boring stuff.

Let me guess: You want to completely change your sweet and wonderful life and live in Rome.

Am I that obvious?

Need I remind you of your Post-Maui Blues

Oh ya. That.

Why do I even go on vacation when I come down so hard? Ugh, I can't shake it.

Perhaps I'm experiencing a 30-something crisis. Let us consult the little survey below, shall we?

Top 10 symptoms of a 30-something crisis
  1. General dissatisfaction: A desire to be anywhere I'm not doing anything other than what I'm doing.
  2. Vacation blues: Holidays becomes less about exploring a place and more about imagining  living there for reals.
  3. Anger: Getting angry about petty chores like filling out timesheets and running out of post-its.
  4. Releasing: Cleaning out closets like I'm looking for loot.
  5. Selling shares: Whew, I lucked out with liquidating the ol' assets before today's stock market fiasco.
  6. Ridiculous dreams: Today's dream is about working in a small shop in Rome selling... hell, who cares. Gelato, books, panty hose, Gobstoppers, anything. 
  7. Hopeless love: Now I just assume love won't work out, which is just as well because I won't want a long distance relationship in Rome.
  8. Wanting to move to Rome: Maui works, too.
  9. Getting waaaayyy too Zen about problems that arise.. though this could also be complacency. They feel about the same.
  10. Liquidating the library: Speaking of, congratulations so Sheila C from New Hampshire who won Walking in this World by Julia Cameron. This week I'm giving away The Vein of Gold, also by Julia Cameron. Details here. Enter now. 

If you've experiencing any of the symptoms above, contact me and tell me what to do about it.


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