Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 184: I'm officially over half way done!

It's true. Day 182.5 was the half way mark. Today, I'm beyond half way done this year long project of writing my morning pages daily (3 pages) and blogging about it.

This brings to mind Plastiki, a boat made out of water bottles that set sail on Day 79 of this blog. For more details on Plastiki, read my post about it here and visit the Plastiki site to track their voyage from San Francisco to Sydney here. It's fun to watch them slowly meander toward another continent.

All this time, while the crew of Plastiki have been gazing out at a seemingly endless horizon line, I've went to Maui, Rome, the Amalfi coast, work, church, out for coffee, swimming and done about a thousand other things. The crew of the Plastiki haven't done any of these things except maybe swimming. It's a long time to be out on the water just to make a point.

Their point, in a nutshell, is to stop drinking from plastic bottles, which is super wasteful, and start looking at our waste stream as a resource stream. Cradle to cradle production instead of cradle to grave... or more specifically, cradle to our landfills and oceans.

All this time, while Plastiki has been making a point, what have I been doing? What noble thing have I been up to? Inspiring people to write in their journals? Seems a bit flimsy compared to saving the earth.

But perhaps I'm assisting people with saving themselves in some way. I know for certain that I'm doing this project to save my own life. To walk toward my own super dreamy life. A life that I marvel at with glee and exclaim, "Holy Hannah! This is my life?!?! This is GREAT!"

This is what I have learned from the first 183 days of writing my morning pages:

When I did Julia Cameron's 12-week course, The Artist Way, twice before, my life changed in magical ways. The first time, I moved from Toronto to Los Angeles and completely changed my life. The second time, I healed a broken heart, grew the hell up and became me. This third time, I'm learning that in my morning pages, I'm dreaming up an even better life than I dreamed up the first two times. I'm telling myself a story over and over again as I write each day. I keep improving the tale as I go. It keeps getting juicier. Eventually, it's become story I've started believing in, a story I am convincing myself that I want more than anything. Now I'm psyching myself up in my pages and starting to do the tasks that bring me closer to this amazing story so that one day I'll be living it.

I used to think it was a magical formula that Julia Cameron had thought up. But no, it's just me. Well, me and some divine intervention. God is involved. One of my sister's best friends says to the Jehovah's Witness that come to her door, "No thanks, I already have a God I don't believe in."  Now I don't care what you do or do not believe in, but I know for certain that inside my pages, there is a witness reading along and figuring out how it can help me achieve what I write in my pages.

This time around, this new life I'm creating in my pages is going to take a year. Keep reading, dear reader. I have a great story to show you.

Bring it, girl!

Oh, I'm bringing it. If the first half of the year seemed quiet, it's because I'm like a tiger ready to pounce. 


  1. Woo hoo!

    You're definitely inspiring us. And I can't wait to see where the story goes next. ;)

  2. Grew the hell up?! Stop it, you're killing me....

  3. AnonymousJuly 06, 2010

    I'm totally pumped! Can't wait to see where this is going.......and......what Jeff said ;)

  4. Rock on! Glad to be a witness to the magic of your Morning Pages dream come true!

  5. Witnessing it for yourself is the magic. I have written "morning pages" sporadically over the years. I am starting the Cameron's book and will be doing the morning pages religiously. I have already experienced a shift in only 4 days! It works! Yes, telling yourself the story is how it all begins! And yes, it only gets bigger but you have to go through the purging to get where you want to go. Thanks for sharing!


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