Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 189: Scrapbooks as crapbooks

Why did I ever think making scrapbooks was a good use of my time.

In my Great Culling Experiment, where I will be releasing crap from my apartment from now until the end of the year, I've rediscovered my super lame scrapbooks.

I spent afternoons gluing letters and photos in these tomes? What for? So that I could review them later and reminisce about the good ol' days? News flash: The good ol' days weren't that good.

Oh and the cost involved with buying scrapbook material from that idiot store Michael's Arts & Crafts, I sure wish I had that cash back. I'd use it to buy an iPad, a lightweight device that can hold many more memories than those lame scrapbooks.

Sometimes I'm struck by the idiocy of my youth. Really. I think I'm a pretty smart cookie, but when I see these scrapbooks I want to shake my younger self and say...

Sabrina Ward Harrison, my scrapbooking idol, is doing a workshop in Positano, Italy, in September. If you recall, I was in Positano on Day 155 of this blog. Here is the poster of her workshop:

When I was creating my scrapbooks, I thought I'd be the next Sabrina Ward Harrison, whose art makes my teeth tingle. Her scrapbooks are beautiful. So beautiful that I have, at times, become enraged at my own lack of talent. Oh how I wished I could create art pieces like her. Another news flash: I can't.

The truth is that we have to follow our enthusiasm. My enthusiasm is with words and typing and keeping my hands clean. It's not in mucking about with scraps of paper. We have to accept where our enthusiasm takes us. For me, it took me to this beautiful blog that I love writing. I do enjoy entertaining you, dear reader. 

Ya, it's a nice way to get through a cup of coffee.

Aw shucks. Best. Compliment. Ever. 

So I will toss my scrapbooks in recycling. Perhaps as recycled toilet paper, they will be useful to someone. While I'm at it, I'll release my dreams of being the next Sabrina Ward Harrison. She's already got the slot filled anyway and she's much better at being her than I am at being her.

I'm going to concentrate instead at being a better me.

Ugh... that just sounded like a Public Service Ad.


  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    That's so awesome because I have boxes and boxes of scrapbook materials in my basement. I have 6 empty scrapbooks and 1 that I have completed. I started 6 years ago.
    I do enjoy your blog so much. I wait with anticipation for the next post.......

  2. Great. I was going to get you to do my scrap/crapbook. Crap.

  3. Ah, the pressure to make one's life photogenic. I have boxes.
    And my favorite Italian phrase is something like this: sto provando ad imparare parlare italiano.
    Each time I uttered it, the reception was broad, tea was offered, correction made. (This is the Mac translation. I recall something more like "sto chare cando...")

  4. What about the pictures in the scrapbooks?! It seems wrong to throw those away!

  5. Um, PLEASE tell me you didn't throw away the BIG SUR ROAD TRIP PHOTO ODYSSEY I made you for Christmas....?

  6. Aine, I kept THAT scrapbook. It's in my One Suitcase as described in Day 193.


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