Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 193: One suitcase

Culling: tr.v., culled, cull·ing, culls.

1. To pick out from others; select.
2. To gather; collect.
3. To remove rejected members or parts from (a herd, for example).

n. Something picked out from others, especially something rejected because of inferior quality.

Since I returned from Rome, I've been culling. I've picked out, gathered, collected and removed rejected items from my apartment. I'd like to eventually ratchet down my items to a carry-on knapsack, one suitcase for clothes and one suitcase for mementos—for the items in life that define who I am, the things I just can't give away. Thus far, I've got:
Not a bad start.

If you're in Los Angeles, feel free to stop by the mother of all yard sales this Saturday at 3541 Redwood Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066. Buy my board:

I haven't got too many grand plans on where my suitcases will take me, but my intuition is telling me to get ready for when I go... wherever and whenever that may be.

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  1. This all feels very "Up in the Air" to me... Hope your yard sale went well!


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