Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 196: Yard Sale-erama

It is so very satisfying to carry your boxes of yard sale doo-dads to your car. The boxes are heavy and yet, you smile. They have to be packed in the car with astronautical precision to get to the yard sale site in one trip and yet, you smile. Your arms hurt and your back aches as you unload your items at the yard and yet, you smile.

You smile because you'll never ever have to have these items in your house—or in your life—ever again.

Yours truly still smiling after hours of wheelin' and dealin'.

Wheeler and dealer in training.

The Yamamoto Bobsy Twins wheelin' and dealin' their wares.

This little girl wanted this flower for her hair "MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD."

"Fine. A dollar."

Fluffer, the official mascot of the Wheelin' and Dealin' Games.

When the crowds died down, we did our best to amuse ourselves.

Practicing ventriloquism.

Taking photos of ourselves.

Taking photos of the items for sale.

Taking photos of ourselves taking photos of the items for sale.

Then there is this photo. 

This is one of those photos you look at years later and think, ya, that was a good day. My friends... oh my friends. How they make me smile. Then you think, I collected a strippers worth of dollar bills that day.


  1. AnonymousJuly 19, 2010

    This WAS a good day! One of my faves...doing something good for me and my house, and to be chilling with my friends...with the sprinklers on. :)

  2. The sprinklers all over our stuff was the highlight. I love how we all stood there. Motionless.


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