Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 198: Overeager bloggers

I grabbed this image from one of my favorite bloggers, Rotation and Balance.

View his specific post here.

He writes about how he kind of expects his friends to drop whatever they are doing and to read his blog whenever he posts something new. When they say "I'll take a look at it later..." well,  you know how that goes.

I have the same expectation. I'm constantly telling people to "read more about it in my blog." And when they ask what I've been up to lately I start with, "Well, there is this blog I'm writing." I even have blog business cards that I hand out to friends. "Read Day 142. It's just what you need right now." Like my post is some prescription for healing the masses.

They take my card and politely put it in their wallet. And if they are like me, they take the card out of their wallets at the end of the evening, throw it on the table and will likely toss it in a few days.

I get it.

And yet, I still get so excited about my blog. I feel like I'm writing something. Writing is a verb. At first I thought I'd write just about my progress with writing morning pages, but who wants to read for 365 days? Even I only visit my favorite posts... hmmm, that's an idea. A post about my favorite posts. It's like the multi-layered Inception. Okay, so it's not exactly like Inception. It's starring me and not Leonardo DiCaprio. Small difference.

Anyway, I know you, dear reader, are a busy person. You're a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker. You've got places to be, other blogs to visit. So I appreciate you hanging around. I'm actually writing this post on the real Day 200. I'm a few days behind in posting and I know you've noticed because you check back here daily right? Right??

And you've read all 198 posts right? Right??! 


  1. I think your blog is a great way to start the day: coffee in hand, and a little bit of Jan. It's like going out for coffee with you, except a bit of a geographical distance in between.

  2. I will always read you, Janice. My friends used to read my blog religiously and then they all decided to get divorces...and that, for some strange reason, was the end of their reading...

  3. is one of my favorite bloggers too.

  4. I love the idea that I'm part of someone's morning ritual. I wonder what keeps people reading and what doesn't (like divorce in the case of Mel Heth's blog.).


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