Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 200: Top 10 posts of the last 100 days

Three things:
  1. Wish me Happy 200th day!
  2. Check out my sweet new header.
  3. Read the Top 10 posts of the last 100 days
These were the posts that got the most fanfare, comments and that moved you—and me—most of all. 

Top 10 posts of the last 100 days:
  1. Day 190: Designated Facebook Crush
  2. Day 195: Can I admit something to you?
  3. Day 180: People who turn your life upside down
  4. Day 172: The office spouse
  5. Day 163: Flirting is my best medium
  6. Day 159: Religion, gelato and a coin in a fountain
  7. Day 155: A saint, the mafia and a bowl of cherries
  8. Day 151: Romans vs. Italians
  9. Day 147: I was very naughty at the Vatican
  10. Day 136: Screen door slams, Mary's dress waves
As for writing the morning pages, I've managed to write them nearly daily. Missed 5 days so far. Still don't have the discipline to write them in the morning but I do have the discipline to write them daily. And I've managed to write 200 posts in 200 days. Not bad for a little girl from Clear Creek, Ontario, Canada. 

Has progress been made?
How has this project of writing morning pages daily changed my life? Well, I've made my way to Maui and Italy. I've made new friends and enhanced friendships through blog comments (which I live for so keep them coming). And most of all, writing morning pages has given me the confidence to dream a bigger dreams for myself. Right now, I'm living the dream I imagined for myself a few years ago. I did alright. I did the best I could with what I had where I was. But now I know more about where I want to be. And how do I know? Because we have to write to learn what we know and I've written a lot in the last 200 days. Day by day, I'm writing down the plans for the next dream life. You'll hear all about it over the next 165 days of 2010.

Thanks for hanging in there.


  1. Happy 200th Day Jan! I love the new header - you look so beautiful and cunning. I think it's interesting that the majority of your top blogs have to do with Italy. Going there obviously has changed your life, and left a huge imprint on who you now are. I think you are a true inspiration. I always have.

  2. "All in the upbringing"

  3. Happy Day. Looking forward to the next 165. :)

  4. Carla, thanks for your kind words. Jule, thanks for quoting mom. Mel, thanks for looking forward to the next 165. They are as much a mystery to me as everyone else.


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