Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 208: On being untethered

This is one of the art pieces I salvaged from a book writing attempt I made last year.

Clearly, it's about how I've always felt different from my sisters. Funny thing, they each probably feel they are the different one. 

I was the one who sat on the edge of a room not saying much. Who checked out during dinner conversations. I was the one who had to study more because school didn't come as easily. I was the one who took off for a life of grandeur in California. I was the one who found herself taking the corporate route. The one who hasn't married yet and who doesn't live in the same area code as our parents. The one who is constantly taking a class. The one who can't seem to sit still long enough to let her fingernails dry. The one who questions religion religiously. All that. That's me.

Truth is, I wanted to follow the example of my sisters. I wish I could cook and bake as well as they can. To be crafty with yarn and popsicle sticks. To have time to do all that stuff. To somehow manage to marry. To have kids. To stay put.

It just hasn't worked out that way and the more it hasn't worked out, the less "put" I seem to stay. I feel myself creating a life for myself, then unraveling and reinventing. Setting down roots and picking back up again. Going here and going there. Remaining untethered.

The result is a beautiful but unsettled life. Then again, maybe my sisters have beautiful but unsettled lives, too, just in their own unique ways.


  1. Baa. From one black sheep to another.

  2. And I always feel like the different one. There has always been you two, and then there I was, the little annoying sister who is always in the way.

    But at least I can crochet, and bake a mean cookie.

  3. If you have kids your life is constantly unsettled. But then what was I going to do with all that time and money anyway?

  4. The odd sibling out...I relate so well. Yet, there is so much joy in my life from following my hearts desires. "Norms" just aren't for me...and I like your "untethered" life, it seems fantastic!! :-)

  5. Mmmm... beautiful and unsettled yes. Last weekend I felt like cashing it in, moving to California, and taking a class on how to deal with your life and going to get my nails done.

  6. You may all be different in your own ways but I equally love the three of you a whole lot!

  7. Thanks Kelsey. We love you too!

  8. I like to take a unique perspective...I think of my sister as the different one. I'm completely normal.

  9. That was from Heather, by the way. Just in case Kelsey reads this.


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