Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 211: Coffee with Sabrina Ward Harrison

Oh Sabrina Ward Harrison. 
How I love what you do.

You may have forgotten, but I am still giving away my books... one a week to be exact... until the end of the year to you, my dear reader. All you need to do is email me your mailing address and I'll throw your name in a fishbowl and draw out a lucky winner each week BINGO-style.

Last month I gave away all my Julia Cameron books. One winner wrote about it in her blog, which was really quite lovely of her. She's pretty much freaked out about it. Read her post here. 

This month, I'm giving away my Sabrina Ward Harrison collection of books:
  • Spilling Open
  • Brave On the Rocks
  • Messy Thrilling Life
Before I give these books away, I took some time to revisit them. I traipsed off to my local haunt that serves up legal addictive stimulants and flipped through Spilling Open. 

I first came across this book back in Toronto. I was at the bookstore near the advertising agency I worked at as a Junior Copywriter (my beloved Leo Burnett). I ran into two Senior Copywriters who were god-like in my eyes. They had made it. And all I wanted at the time was to make it in advertising. I had no idea what making it entailed. Now I'm very aware of the sleepless nights, pressure and tears it takes. Anyway, I didn't know any of that then. All I knew was these two Senior Copywriters had done it and that was good enough for me. One of them handed me a copy of Spilling Open and said "Read this. It's so good it hurts."

I bought it like a good little girl and read it. She was right. Spilling Open was so good it hurt.

It's raw, lonesome, beautiful and honest.

There is a madness there, too.

When my mom looked at the book she was confused and concerned for the state of the author's penmanship. But there is a glorious genius to it, too. Here are a few shots I took of the pages:

Sabrina was kind enough to endorse our book The Breakup Repair Kit. She also asked to be my friend on Facebook, which was pretty darn cool of her. And she sells her paintings on Etsy (and hers sell faster than mine but I'm pretty darn cool with that). I'm also a proud owner of two of those paintings.

So you could say I'm a fan.

Still, the books have to go. They don't fit in my One Suitcase Lifestyle anymore. And if someday I decide to commit to a bookshelf of books again, I'll procure another set of these beauties because they are so good it hurts.

In the meantime, enter the drawing to procure them for yourself. Email me your mailing address. 

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