Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 215: Hanging with Kris Kristofferson

I'm still cleaning out my apartment. Little by little. In my great quest to get my worldly possessions down to one suitcase.

I've let go of meaningful items, like my books and one of my guitars. I'm being ruthless. I know, without knowing where I'm going, that I don't need this stuff when I get there.

But one item stops me in my tracks every time.

My Kris Kristofferson album.

I don't even own a record player so I can't even play this record, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it either.

This record was pilfered from my parents record collection. When I was a kid, I would gawk at this album cover and stare into his steely blue eyes. Kris Kristofferson was a real artist. A phenomenal musician and pretty good actor. Just look at his page on IMDB. Back then, he was in a slew of films, made his way onto Christmas specials on the NBC (the only station that came in clear in my house in backwoods Canada), plus he was played on rotation on BX93, the local country radio station.

When I looked at Kris, I thought, "This guy is so good at everything he does. I want to be so good at everything I do." Hence, my perfectionista persona was born.

Now behold the sexiest music video ever. These two clearly dig each other.

Hey there, Kris, with your blue eyes and oozing sex appeal. I'll help you make it through the night.

Janice + Kris
Together forever.

I'm keeping the album.


  1. Those two are about 10 seconds away from a lewd act in a public place...not that there's anything wrong with that.


  2. Haha! It'll totally fit in your suitcase, right?

  3. Love the pic! I am still laughing, when I am not re-watching the video.

  4. Congratulations. You just won the award for making me laugh the hardest of 2010.
    My gut hurts.
    You should give away the picture in your fishbowl contest ~

  5. Ah, album covers of my folks. The Beatles' Let it Be album cover always intrigued me, as did Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass cover, with a woman covered in, I think, whip cream or shaving cream—who knows?

    And finally, there was one of Glen Campbell and Bobby Gentry, and I was too young to understand, but there was something about Bobby Gentry's pants that left me all a-flutter, and was trying to tell me, "One day you'll be a man..." Ah, the memories. I know, but life is what it is...and how about that hair!

    You should hear her sing "Ode to Billy Joe."

    Careful with Kris, my sweet friend, he's a heartbreaker, but that's a great song (not sure about this version). Me and Bobby McGee, too. You know, he was a Rhodes Scholar, as well, and he stars in Lone Star (well, co-stars, Chris Cooper is the star), a favourite of mine that breaks my heart every time.

    Hey, Janice, you're a beautiful and remarkably talented and creative artist, and wonderful, too, you know that?

    Pete x


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