Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 216: Creepy author photos REVEALED

Today was a breaking point. No reason. Just over it.

So, I went to the Chevron station to see Jason. He's my Chevron guy. Cheers me up.

Then I went to Whole Foods to see Jordan. He's my cashier guy. Cheers me up.

Then I went to Barnes & Noble to prominently display my books, The Breakup Repair Kit and The Dating Repair Kit (you should, too). Cheers me up.

None of it really cheered me up. I tried.

So, I was wandering aimlessly around the bookstore. Completely spent and burned out from my day job. It's getting worse. I feel myself precariously perched on the line of energy that links "I am grateful for all I have" and "I'm so over this." 

I noticed that the self-help section is shrinking but the spirituality section is expanding. That's gotta be a good thing. I also noticed that the biography section is busting at the seams with famous people shoving their life stories at us. Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Then again, I write a blog. Inherently me me me.

At least I don't look like an alien dressing up as a human like these ladies:
Click on this image of Beth Moore for a closer look... if you dare.

So long, insecurity. 
Hello nightmares.

Yikes Laura Bush.
What's with the yellow skin?
She looks like a vampire nanna. 

Oh Laura, you are an attractive lady
and I know you're doing God's work 
being married to George W., but yikes.


  1. You have a bad day and hilarity happens! I love the nonsense you get up to, what with the re-merchandising your books, to making fun of people's photos and taking photos of them with the tag line "Aliens Dressed up like the Ladies"... could be the next big book section, especially in LA.

  2. I’m sure Rhonda Byrne and Marianne Williamson’s pictures look equally as ghastly, appalling and scary as their writing and bullshit philosophies. I’m also certain you wouldn’t mind having your author’s picture that size on one of your books. Having said that, I moved your book to the front of the shelf at B&N today.

  3. Beth has a funky eye thing going on. That must be one of the attachment points for the suit or something...

    Here's hoping your funk passes.


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