Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 217: New painting OR Where the HELL have I BEEN!?!?!?

In short, I've been sleeping and painting and walking and contemplating and, I'll admit, crying a bit, too.

Now, before you start getting all weepy about my weeping, let me assure you that I'm fine. FINE.

It's just that sometimes depression hops on my shoulders, hangs out too long and the weight of it is too much to bear.

But fear not. There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

During all my brooding, I finished a painting!

Here we have a little bit of light, a little bit of dark, a smidge of radiant energy and a whole lot of lovely.

Notice my coffee mug and kitchen in the background. The perfect backdrop of this perfect painting.

As an artist, you really need to be a fan of your own work. I dig this painting so much that I don't even care if you do. Really. Sure, it would be nice to get compliments. I'm a fan of compliments. (And might I say, dear reader, that you are looking ravishing this evening.) But even if you think "This girl has LOST it. What the hell is that? Is that suppose to be a chandelier? I don't get it," it's all good. I'm gonna keep on rolling. Why? Because when I look at this painting it makes me smile.

And if you want it to make you smile, too, buy it here.

Then I'll REALLY smile.


  1. "Are you vis?"
    "No! I'm fine, I'M FINE!"
    "Well, you seem vis to me."
    "I"M FINE!"
    "Fine then, your fine."

    Jan, I love the painting. It reminds me of looking out the front window on rainy nights, and a truck pulling in the driveway. I'm actually working on one myself, and when I finish it I'll post it for you to see.

  2. Not only do I dig the painting, I really like the sleek little table and chair going on in the background. It looks like you have a cute little apartment. Hope it'll all fit in your suitcase! ;)

  3. Janice, your painting takes seeing the light to a whole new level. When I die, I don't want to see a bright light coming at me like a train through a dark tunnel...I want to see a sparkling chandelier, glowing and emanating in the dark. Although I'm sure that this painting was a little more about finding the light in Life. Perspectives, I guess.

    Also, Carla, I always love to see new paintings from you. You should get your own etsy account!


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