Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 218: Boobies!

Check out what a reader sent me in the mail:

This t-shirt is from Joy Apparel
Also notice my rockin' vegan bod.

On the tag, it reads:
"Every face on a Joy T-shirt has been inspired by a real person. When you wear your shirt you are encouraged to think about that person and how your everyday actions can affect others and the world we live in. After you purchase a shirt, you may then upload a photo of your own visage via the website to have your face drawn by hand and worn on the hearts of others."
Worn on the hearts of others... ummm... yeah. More like worn on my boobie. Oh I suppose I should say something more feminist in nature. As long as I don't say tits.

She just went ahead and wrote that? 

Afraid so.

Oh my.

So I zipped around town wearing my Joy T-shirt and didn't really think about the person on my shirt but I really enjoyed people looking at my heart. Then they'd say, "Who the hell is that guy?"


The guy on my left breast was Sajid Hussain from Karachi, Pakistan. His passion is "to promote peace, unity and brotherhood in the world."

Fair enough. This got me thinking about t-shirts and designs and why anyone would want to have their face on someone else's bazoombas. If you're feeling crafty, here's a little something to decorate your jugs:
You're welcome.


  1. looking good! love the shirt!

  2. Do you kinda feel like you're breastfeeding Sajid Hussain from Pakistan? I would. But cool thinking behind the heart shirts...


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