Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 225: Tea with Pete McCormack

Understanding Ken by Pete McCormack. Buy it. 

Usually, I have coffee with my favorite authors (books) but today I'm having tea because my throat is scratchy. Apropos since I don't think Pete McCormack drinks coffee. Or maybe he drinks coffee but doesn't drink something else. I don't know. He's always not drinking or eating something. I can't keep up.

I am the middle child of three girls. No boys. Just three girls. I have two brother-in-laws now and I pretty much scored as far as brother-in-laws go, but I didn't pick them. I just lucked out. If I had a chance to pick a brother, any dude in the whole wide world, it would be Pete McCormack.

He's a wise advisor. He knows everything. He is funny as all get out. I know he'd be there if I needed help in anyway. And I can take him anywhere and he won't be an embarrassment, which is more than I can say for some brothers out there.

We met through a mutual friend. She said "Hey, you're Canadian and an author. I know another Canadian who is also an author. Here's his book. Read it."

His book was Understanding Ken, which is a story of a young Pete who believes in three things: hockey, that his parents will get back together and more hockey. Reading it makes me snort. Really. I giggle and snort through this book because it's so funny and honest and true.

A tidbit that the Canadian audience will appreciate:
"We've got this sports competition where you try to win what's called an Award of Excellence. That's the best you can get. That's what I got last year. I'll get it this year, too. You have to broad jump and sprint and hang from a  bar and run a mile under a certain time. A whole bunch of stuff. Some people get a silver or a bronze. Why even change into your gym shorts for that?

One girl—I don't know what she eats but whatever it is she must eat a lot of it—she didn't even get a bronze! She got a participation pin. She wears it around, too, on her jacket. Wearing that participation pin is like walking around with a Fig Newton squished into the bum of your jeans. She did that once. All day."
The competition he's referring to was called Canada Fitness and every Canadian boy and girl had to do it.

Get this... I may have found the girl with the participation pin. She's got a blog and she wrote about Canada Fitness here.

Anyway, back to Pete. I emailed him a fan letter. He emailed me back. He lives in Vancouver, I live in LA. We met when we were both writing separate projects in Toronto for a few weeks. Now he's having a baby and I feel like I'm gonna be an auntie! So friggin' proud. Oh, he's got a blog, too.

I'm also proud of this little movie called Facing Ali that was shortlisted for the Academy Freakin' Awards last year!

Now available on Netflix, yo!

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  1. Janice - you are just as funny and as talented of a writer! Still giggling! Lisa


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