Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 227: The anatomy of morning pages

I suppose I should discuss the morning pages once in awhile. It is, after all, the basis of this year long project.

For new readers, I'm doing The Artist's Way course by Julia Cameron for a year. The course itself is 12 weeks but I'm stretching it out to a year. To do this, I'm writing morning pages daily (3 pages in my journal) and taking myself on artist dates, which are solo expeditions to refuel my creative pool.

This is a break down of how my morning pages started in January 2010:

And here's how they are today:

If I were being scientific about this, I'd say there has been improvement.

The bitching and daydreaming has swapped places. When I once bitched about boys and work, I now daydream about releasing all my material possessions and traveling around the world.

The list making has decreased, which is a good thing because I have had a tendency in the past to overbook and over-errand my life.

The doodling is new and fun.

The miscellaneousing usually consists of book ideas, gift giving opportunities and, well, random stuff that isn't categorizable. (Wow, look at that. Two words I just made up inside of one paragraph: miscellaneousing and categorizable.)

Then there is the calculating. Always calculating my finances. What have I got in the bank, what will I have in the bank next month, in the next two months, at the end of the year and so on. Calculating the moolah calms me. Well, except for on rent day.

I wonder how the anatomy of my morning pages will change in December 2010. Traveling?

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  1. Love your break-downs! I don't do morning pages but I do write a lot in my journal. I'm still in the 'bitching' phase most days. :)


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