Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 228: RIP fro-yo, ya jerk

Last week I stopped eating sugar because I've been depressed lately. I thought there might be a connection between my bad mood and the delicious delicacies of the various "ose" variety I was consuming.

Here's what I learned:
  • Don't make tea if you usually put sugar in it. You'll be tempted. Big time. Don't order chai tea from the Indian food restaurant either. You know it's already laced with sugar. Sneaky monkey.

  • Do not bring money with you on your walk in the evening. The frozen yogurt place on your route will beckon... no, to be more accurate, it will be like a beacon on a freaking lighthouse. There is no safe harbor when you carry money on your walk by the yogurt shop.

  • If there are Caramel Rice Krispie squares in the kitchen at the office, avoid the kitchen at all cost.

  • If there is a birthday party at the office, do not attend. Stop by the desk of the birthday boy or girl after the party to share your birthday wishes. Birthday cake in a group is tough to avoid at the party. The icing laden pieces are handed out and it's tough to pass up when you're at the end of the cake line. If you decline, people notice you're not eating, which may be conveyed as either a judgment on what they're eating or a statement about what you're eating... or not eating in this case. To avoid the whole rigamarole, avoid the party. Today's party offerings:
It took all of me to take this photo and walk away. 
See what I do for you? 

Speaking of walks, I was on a walk with a friend last night and he said, "You seem happier. Think it's the sugar?"

I think it's the sugar.

Which just makes me mad.


  1. Oh the restraint. I am amazed (I'm bowing to you at my desk). Are you allowed to have honey or other sweeteners? Is it agave that's sweet? I would totally cheat and put that in my tea...

  2. Sounds like Renee has been baking again!


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