Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 230: Artist Date with John Mayer at the Hollywood Bowl

I think I might be the only person alive that doesn't blow her wad when someone mentions the Hollywood Bowl.
Big deal. 

Last night I got a last minute ticket to see John Mayer at the Bowl so I went... somewhat begrudgingly.

This is me looking around for Johnny-poo.

And me finding him:

Now I'm not saying that I'm the biggest John Mayer fan. He's great. He is. And super talented. But when I saw the show I realized that he really is that great and he really is that super talented. He spoke with the audience like we were all just chillin' hanging on the patio with beers. He won me over. And now that I know to take a jacket along, the Hollywood Bowl won me over, too.

I took a really bad video of the show. So bad that I can't share it here. But I found something better...


  1. Darn I wish I would've gotten tickets to that. I've seen him twice and loved both shows. He's great.

    BTW that picture at the top is gorgeous! Did you take that?

  2. You look spectacular. Must be the no sugar vegan thing. I'd melt if he sang 'your body is a wonderland' to me!!!!


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