Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 248: My stupid dumb dumb painting

Haunted by Hugh MacLeod @ gapingvoid.com

I was viewing some photos from an aspiring photographer the other day.

They were pretty good.

They were.

They were a good start.

But they weren't stellar.

And he knew it.

He threw up his arms and huffed, "If I can't be perfect right out of the gate, FORGET IT!!!!"

I was encouraging. "No, these are good photos. And you're at the beginning. It's going to get better from here."

Then I went home and painted the most hideous crapola dumb dumb painting ever. I threw up my arms and huffed, "FORGET IT!!!!"

Whilst I stewed in my own feelings of inadequacy, my mom popped up on video chat. I showed her my hideous crapola dumb dumb painting and she exclaimed, "That would look GREAT in my kitchen! You know my birthday is coming up."

I beamed, "Thanks mommy!"

I don't know if she meant it or not. She might even hang the painting when I visit and stow it in the closet once I leave. I don't care. Her nice words about the painting made me feel like Picasso.

So I learned a little about the power of encouragement today. Even after I click "Publish Post," Blogger gives me this message of encouragement:

My blog post published successfully? Wow! Awesome! That's fantastic!

Encourage the artists in your life. It means so much.
Also from Hugh MacLeod @ gapingvoid.com

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  1. We're our own worst critics... I bet the painting was great. For sure better than I could ever do! ;)


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