Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 254: I love Tom Brokaw

... always have. Always will.
I love Tom Brokaw. And if you don't, I'll punch you in the arm. Real hard.

All this talk about Tom came about because George Michael turned himself in for driving whilst under the influence and smashing into the Snappy Snaps photography shop in Hampstead, North London. WHAM!

That's a bit of a digression donchathink?

Let me explain. 

George Michael in the news made me think of the news itself  and George Michael songs, which made me think of the song Father Figure and Tom Brokaw.


I know. 

I think it stems from childhood conditioning. In Canada, where I lived on the north shore of Lake Erie, we had one Canadian television station. The other three were American stations. So when I was a kid, I'd play with my toys in the living room while my parents watched the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. I'd listen to Tom tell it like it is as I had my plush Cookie Monster pretend to eat cookies.

No kid ever bought that he ate those cookies.

I know. They fell out of the side of his mouth. No kid would let that happen. We were never fooled.

Never fooled. 

I never really listened to the content of what Tom was saying so much as his soothing, calm voice say words like Iran Contra Hearing and Beruit and Nicaragua. Even if what he was saying about the Cold War was concerning, I felt warm and fuzzy. 

MSN describes him with phrases like "distinguished," "most trusted and respected figures," "insight, ability and integrity" and "was the first evening news anchor to [insert brave act here]."

I describe him as my TV dad.

Other popular TV dads:
Grabbed from "TV Dads: Where are they now?" on who composed this one image. How nice of them. 

And the ultimate TV dad:
Michael Landon.

But, despite all these great TV dads, I love Tom Brokaw more. And it turns out, Tom Brokaw loves me, too:

Hey reader, who is your TV dad?


  1. Archie Bunker of course!

  2. Lawrence Welk... anda one-ah, anda two-ah, anda three-ah

  3. That Canada video gave me goosebumps. Tom would be a great dad.

    I don't know who my TV dad would be... I do love Kurt's father on GLEE. My movie/book dad would be Atticus Finch.

  4. It just doesn't get any better than "Pa" from Little House...


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