Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 259: Canadian Odyssey Part 1: Agritourism/CheeseFest 2010

I just returned from a two week holiday in Canada.

I ate a lot of cheese and fish.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, I didn't think vegans ate cheese and fish.

They don't. But I'm only vegan in the USA.

How do you figure? 

I just made that rule up because I was weak, weak I tell you. Weak when faced with two weeks of cocktail parties involving wine, cheese and smoked salmon. I also ate a very-non-vegan Boston Cream donut from Tim Hortons.

Delicious but deadly.

Now that I'm back in the USA, I'm back to being vegan full time. I'm back on all my positions about not supporting factory farming. Funny how that works.

So is this guy. It's a vulnerable little post from one of my favorite vegan bloggers who lost (but is slowly regaining) the vegan stance during his recovery from surgery.

I didn't have to deal with recovery. I was just at parties most of the time. Wine is the gateway drug to  brie and smoked salmon.

First stop: Southern Ontario. In between family events, I was driving around checking out the  agritourism of the region.
Agritourism helps small farmers keep business alive by supplementing traditional farm work with tourism. -- from HowStuffWorks.com
All these little hobby farms have cropped up around Southern Ontario and have sweet little fruit stands at the end of driveways. Most of the time these stands aren't manned by anything more than a tin can for money. You put your loonie in, you grab a squash. People don't generally stiff the farmer either. That's just bad karma. I'd rather over pay by $19 than stiff a farmer his due dollar. Just the other day, my brother-in-law sat at the end of the driveway for 15 minutes waiting for another customer so he could get change. Good man.

He has a squash monger that he visits just down the road. He's got an apple guy, too. And everyone has a sweet corn guy. It's all quite charming, healthy, environmental and good for farmers, which means it's good for me.
Hi there, sweetness.

A note to Ontario readers like you and you, I'll make it your way again in December.


  1. If you come to Ontario next year and do not stop at my roadside veggie stand ~ I will be the saddest hobby farmer on my concession!

  2. I wish you still had that doughnut. I wish you brought it back.

  3. Let the cleanse begin!

  4. Mmm I'm glad you allow yourself to eat fish up north. The fish I ate in Canada was seriously some of the best I've ever had. And cheese? Well don't even get me started with that...


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