Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 260: iCandy and other sweet addictions

Everyone has an addiction.

Or two or three.

If it's not something obvious like smoking, drugs or alcohol, it's caffeine, cheese or sugar.

Whatever just came to mind is yours.

I won't even try to give up coffee.

There are other addictions, too. Love, for one. People who constantly live in—and almost seem to feed off of—the drama of dating and relationships. Been there. Done that. And I actually burned it out via my morning pages. Three cheers for me.

There is the addiction to glamor, too. Spending an unbalanced amount of time on appearance and focusing too much on the size and depth of rolls and wrinkles. Relying heavily on how others talk to you about your appearance. Believing that outward appearance trumps all. That our worth is based largely (or sometimes entirely) on the size of our thighs and the smoothness of our skin.

Another addiction is the internet. Think about the first few places you visit online everyday. For me, I check email, stocks and facebook—in that order. And I'm here to admit to you now that I have an addiction to all three, which I collectively refer to as my iCandy.

I hunger for fun emails, especially the email notifications that tell me you, dear reader, have left a comment on my blog. Oh how I love these! Pah-lease be my enabler.

Then there is the stock market. While it's important to pay attention to investments, I don't have to be so Gollum about it.

Then there is facebook. The daily harvesting of interesting goings on of my friends and facebook crushes. The "what if I miss something" syndrome. Today, my motivation was to harvest photos from the wedding I attended last week where I was a bridesmaid. Fancy.

Today's crop reveals:

Guess who has a bit of the glamor addiction.

Knowing is half the battle, as G.I. Joe says. And he been called a real American hero. He should know a thing or two about glamor addiction.

Facebook also provides a Scrabble addiction so you get two addictions for the price of one login.

Beyond email, stocks and facebook, I head to my favorite blog sites and sprinkle my reading of them throughout the day so I can have my iCandy sugar rush last all day long. It's my new pleasure. My new chocolate. My sweet addiction. 

So dear reader, do you have an internet addiction? If so, what sites do you go to daily? What is your iCandy?


  1. Blogger and Etsy are my internet addictions FOR SURE! I got rid of my Facebook account a year or so ago. Even though I still keep up with my fave blogs and my etsy shop, deleting Facebook (even though FB never actually deletes any files-creepy) has freed up my time sooooo make more room for other addictions. ;)

  2. That is an amazing picture of you!!!!

  3. Michael AlbrightSeptember 29, 2010


  4. Your blog, of course!!!!


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