Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 261: On being a third wheel

Generally speaking, I don't discuss my love life here.

You never know who is reading this.

But, I'm gonna state something.

I'm currently single.

And because I'm currently single, I have found myself to be a third wheel on occasion.

At first, this was most unsettling. I would lament and brood when going to a movie with a friend and her boyfriend happened to come along, when sitting alone on the rollercoaster, and when not bringing a date to a wedding... but recently I brought my sister, who as it turns out happened to be the best date ever:

My sister Julie and I. 
Best dressed couple at the wedding.

After time, I've learned to embrace my odd-(wo)man-out-hood. At the wedding (as shown above), I'm officially a friend of the bride and like spending time with her alone but I like spending time with her and the groom, too. There is a different satisfaction for all of us in the trio dynamic.

My friend, Marni, too. I like spending time alone with her but I also comfortably slide myself between her and her sister at her family events, taking my rightful place as the middle child. All three of us need that dynamic, too, for our own separate reasons.

My sister Julie and her husband, too. We brought him to the event to be the "manny" for the baby. I felt super fancy having an entourage. One of my fondest memories of the wedding weekend was driving back with them to the airport so we could have an uninterrupted 3 hour chat. And we three need that dynamic as much as our one-to-one dynamics.

Now I celebrate being a third wheel. I know I won't be a third wheel forever, but I'm learning to embrace the times in life when I am. Perhaps the trios I find myself in during this current state of singlehood are stronger—like a three-pegged stool—than if there was a fourth.


  1. You are so beautiful!!!!

  2. What a beautiful picture of my two favorite sisters.

  3. Best dressed couple of the year award goes to J & J, couple extraordinaire! People wish they could be the monkey in the middle with us.

  4. I think being the third (or fifth or seventh, as I've often found myself) wheel is an important skill to cultivate. Makes you a more well rounded person.


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