Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 271: Constant state of interruption

I am in a constant state of interruption at my office.

It's so bad that my official title should be Interruption Manager because that's all I do all day. I manage the constant flow of interruptions. I do work in between my real job of managing interruptions, instead of the other way around.

At least 75% of my job is dealing with who comes to my door.

And 80% of those 75% of interruptions are non-work related.

I understand if it's work related, but if you're coming by because you need a break and thought you'd take it in my office, that's not cool. Period.

It has come to this:

Since I put up the sign, people stop, look in, go back to their office and call, email or instant message me. Again, I understand if it's a pressing work thing. Shit needs to get done. But if it's not, go away and stay away.

Maybe it's because I'm so nice.

No, that can't be it.

No, it can't. Because when I'm mean about it, I get interrupted the same amount of time. The results are about the same so I might as well not be a bitch about it. I actually cringe like a trauma victim when I hear someone slowing down their gait near my office. That kind of stress just ain't cool. So now, I drown out that sound in my office with this:

I'm hoping that the Alpha Relaxation System can "help reduce the effects of long-term stress" as it promises. Perhaps I'll move from a constant state of interruption to a constant state of peace and tranquility.

Ya right.

I know. Unlikely. What does having constant interruption have to do with a meditation CD? Beats me but I'm hoping something shifts otherwise I'm gonna go ballistic on the asses of my coworkers and no one wants that. 

More on office place interruptions and why you can't work at work:



  1. I could see why everybody else but me would be annoying.

  2. You're so luck you have a door to close. I'm in an open cubicle. And when I wear headphones to try to drown them out, they just talk at me louder...

  3. I Quit Eating Meat: Your drop bys are never annoying.

    And Mel Heth: Yes, had I not had a door, I would have lost my shit a long time ago.

  4. I know the feeling Mel Heth.

    People would actually knock on my desk like it was a door when I had my headphones on in my cubicle. But I do have a office for the first time so I cannot complain anymore...

  5. I Quit Eating Meat - The cubicle knock is big around here. Sadly, I am guilty of doing it too.


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