Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 262: A 45 second meditation

What happens when you combine:
  1. A wedding where you know no one except your date
  2. A camera
  3. A table cloth
  4. The wind
A 45 second meditative experience of course:


  1. It's the "flower sermon":

    .. and I am your disciple.

  2. What happens when you combine a plastic shopping bag, the wind, a video camera and a great script? A three minute meditative scene like this of course:

  3. That actually almost cleared my mind for a moment, which is really saying something for me. I'll be back stage next Sunday watching that video to clear my mind before I go on stage. :) Jxo

  4. Ha ha - how rock'n'roll of me. "When I first played the Viper Room I meditated on a table cloth before going on stage". I think that's much more interesting than the usual "I did a line of blow before I went on stage at the Viper Room." The table cloth meditation is the sort of story I love to tell. So much more me...even if it's so un-rock'n'roll. Jxo

  5. Nagaji, This is reminiscent of the flower sermon. Yes, you get it. Of course.

    Jeff, I was thinking of that same scene of the plastic bag when I shot the tablecloths. Great minds think alike.

    Joshua, I think a tablecloth meditation is the new "line of blow." See you at the Viper Room... and for anyone else, go see The Stuns @ The Viper Room Sunday October 10 at 9 p.m.


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