Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 264: A burger with Bill Clinton

As you may have gathered from my two previous posts, I went to a wedding the other day. I knew no one except my date and my date knew no one except for the groom. Neither of us is exceptionally social by nature so we made our own fun.

Don't get any big ideas. 

The bride and groom were super cool. They had an In & Out Burger truck come by to feed the guests. This was an awesome idea... but, um, I don't eat meat anymore so my choices were:
  1. Eat a burger
  2. Eat nothing
When faced with these choices I generally opt for the burger to forgo the starving. It's the lesser of two evils. The burger was fantastic, of course. Afterward my belly was yelling "WTF is this? What am I supposed to do with THIS? Didn't we discuss this? Aren't we done with this way? C'mon!"

The ginger tea later on helped.

Why do I feel bad mentally, physically and emotionally when I eat meat? I used to eat meat all the time. I'm not allergic or anything. I just don't agree with the factory farm system in the USA and how it's sucky for the animals, the workers, the environment and our bodies. That's all. No biggie.

I'M JUST TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD HERE PEOPLE, one veggie Chipotle burrito at a time.

Then I ran across this impressive bit of wisdom from Bill Clinton. He's on a plant-based diet. He didn't say he was vegan. He said he was on a plant-based diet which to me sound like plant BASED means there is room for the occasional burger without feeling like crossing some picket line.

I don't usually like waving the ol' veggie flag, but this makes sense especially when we're talking about health.

But that burger I ate was good. Mmmmm tasty.

If you have to make a choice between meat from one or the other, go for Chipotle. They choose meat from animals that were treated kindly... before, well, you know.


  1. You may be the only person I know who feels bad about an In-N-Out burger. First of all, that cow was in cow heaven long before the truck pulled up. If you didn't have that burger, then that cow would've died in vain. But as it is, you gave his life meaning. He brought you joy. Flavor. A treat. And a little part of him lives on within you. At least for 8 hours. The cow eats grass. You eat the cow. See? You're already on a plant-based diet.

  2. I'm SO calling Jeff next time I need to feel better about eating a sweet little piggy for breakfast.

    I think I could give up meat if I tried. I've switched to cage-free, organic chicken and grass-fed beef...which I think are treated more humanely before they give up their precious lives to enter my stomach. But I'll never go full vegan because cheese is the cornerstone of my diet. And my life.

    Wasn't your wedding in Canada? How'd they get In 'N' Out up there? I thought it wasn't even nationwide in the U.S. yet!

  3. In'N'Out does do a "grilled cheese" on their secret menu. It's not vegan, but meat-free of course. However, I did eat a burger from there a couple months ago. And it was damn good. And I know that feeling the morning after, too.

    And not be jerk-ish, but check out the graphic below of how "cage'free" and "free-range" hens live. All indoors.

    It's upsetting because meat/dairy producers use marketing terms like "cage-free" "free-range""grass fed" and "natural" to make people think they are buying cruelty free products. It's evil.


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