Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 272: Josephus and the Wisdom Council

I've been taking this teleclass called The Teachings of
Josephus & the Wisdom Council. It's taught by Laurel Bleadon-Maffei from a company called Illuminating Souls.
For more details on this and other Illuminating Souls' offerings click here.

Teleclasses are fantastic. Here's how mine go: I walk out to my car, dial in, connect the ol' hands-free device and boom! I'm in class on the commute.

Last night, Josephus taught about the importance of rest when we are working toward spiritual development and evolution. We are inundated with thousands of messages each day. With all that stimulus, it's challenging to fit in a meditation.

And if we do fit in a meditation, we're so full of thoughts bouncing around our heads that most of our allotted meditation time doesn't get us where we are aiming to be in the meditation. All this stilts our spiritual development and stimulates crankiness rather than peace, love and all that good stuff.

Rest. Brain rest. That's what I need. I need rest.

Josephus also mentioned that when we don't give ourselves rest, our bodies say, "Listen bud, it's time to chillax. We're going to give you a bad cold so all you do is lay around and watch movies for three days."

As fate would have it, my phone died near the end of the teleclass. I have the most advanced smartphone on the planet and the only thing that it's not smart at is being a phone. 

Just as I was about to get all worked up and considering the risks of dialing and driving, I heard this soft, still, calm voice in my  head say Rest.


Right. Rest. I've been going at it pretty hard this week, what with my rock star friends in town making all their rock moves and rocking my world.

So I unplugged the hands free, cruised on silent mode for awhile and listened to what that soft, still, calm voice in my head had to say. She gave me guidance on with whatever was top of mind and gave me a few ideas for next steps on a few projects I'm cooking up. But mostly, she said Rest. Now is a good time to rest.

When a spiritual entity comes along to tell you to rest, you let go of the need to be constantly productive. You let errands slide. You rest.

So this weekend, if rest were a job, I'm gonna be a workaholic at it. It's bunny slippers, movies, naps, journaling and reading for me... and maybe a few blog posts. 


  1. I know a couple of MacLeod women that live by the rule that naps are the best medicine. There is always time for a nap........take it. When you wake up, stretch, yawn, look around the room and people ask what you were doing, be proud to say, " I TOOK A NAP!" Heck, it's better than saying that you were more annoying than cat shit! Have a great weekend...............I think I need a nap.

  2. You own bunny slippers?

  3. Again - very insightful. My brain is like a hurricane much of the time and rest (particularly actual meditation) is something I struggle to achieve. But it's so important. This reminded me to keep this high in my priorities, as I've tried to in the part, knowing the benefits to everything in my life are great when I'm doing so. As with you, I'm sort of glad that the last 2 weeks of partying are done as I needed a break. But damn it was fun. Thanks for partying with us! You're a whole lot of fun! Have a restful weekend Blog Mama. =D

  4. Resst? What's that/ I'm too busy planning all the silly details of my life that I don't have time to rest. perhaps I will try it tonight. Hmmm,,,yes I will. Bunny slippers and TV here I come. Delicious!

  5. Weekend update: Success in the napping department today. Funny thing, all this rest leads to boredom. Ah it's a process

  6. Haha your comment above cracked me up.

    Martha Beck wrote a great article about rest a few months ago in O Magazine. You might be able to find it online if you're interested.

    I hope the bunny slippers make it into the suitcase, btw.


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