Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 292: It has come to this

Fuck I'm bored.

Something must be seriously up for me to use the F word right here in the blog.

It took long enough to get comfortable with the S word.

And you can forget me ever spewing out the C word.


But nothing in particular is up besides the usual dreariness of this dream life I've got myself into.

It's a champagne problem, I realize. To be gainfully employed as a writer in the creative department of an advertising agency, living in Santa Monica and seeing the ocean everyday. I actually saw dolphins and a rainbow on the drive into work today. All I needed was a unicorn for the perfect trifecta picture of paradise.


Yet is a very important word.

Yet, I've grown tired of this straight line. This building of a CV, an account balance, a down payment, etc. I would like to twirl out of this building of things and flit about with a complete disregard for sensible living. To check out of my current definition of self.

My current self was photographed by my coworker at lunch time today while she was pumping gas. The photo above was me being really in my stuff, which is being really done with this straight line.

That's why I'm gazing at Europe these days. It's made up of a lot of squiggly lines. All those countries. All those places to see. All those people to meet. All the photos I could take and the fun blog posts I could write. Ohhhh it makes my teeth tingle. And all that without a plan of where and how long?

Speaking of not knowing where on earth to go... have you got an idea, dear reader?

Let's say I end in Rome. Where should I begin? 


  1. There is a small stony beach in Southern Ontario called Clear Creek. I hear it's where great things come from. It might be a good place to start.

  2. Carla, I know of this beach. Purple sand and glowing blue beach glass. Good for beachcombing and dreaming, as I recall.

  3. You had me at "fuck I'm bored."

  4. Can't you find someone to foot the bill in hopes of getting a book out of it - like one Miss Liz Gilbert did?!

  5. I think I'll go there this weekend, I could use a new piece of glass. Maybe dad will join me, and we can listen to the waves.

  6. The c word is the new f word. Soon it'll be flying around like confetti at a political rally.

  7. Go someplace that frightens you (a little).

  8. I definitely think you should start your travels in New Zealand...and I think I know a good time to start ;)

  9. I'm going to restrict my starting point to Europe as that seems to be your focus.

    Portugal - specifically, its capital, Lisbon. Trust me, you'll understand when you get there.

    Not to mention it gives you about the farthest possible to travel to get to Rome.

    On other things - if you're looking for confirmation of what I Quit Eating Meat has to say about the C word just look to our drummer Ed. He's trying to lead the way in making that word is normal as other 4 letter C words such as "cake". I don't if he's too close to succeeding yet...


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