Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 305: Top 10 ways to survive the Hollywood Halloween parade

Did you know that the biggest Halloween parade in the world is in West Hollywood?

It is and it's awesome.

Top 10 ways to survive and thrive at the Halloween Parade in West Hollywood

1. Honor the gays. This is West Hollywood so it's imperative to honor the beautiful gay men that created this event. My disco monster friend is appreciating the very tall, hairy and muscly musical sensation ABBA.

2. Be sure to get photos with thematically-appropriate friends. That's me on the end.

3. Get many thematically-appropriate shots...

4. It's important to converse with those that are just amazing.

5. Pay respects to the recently deceased undead. If they ask you to dance, be prepared to boogie.

6. Seek out the best dressed couple. This werewolf and mermaid celebrated the birth of their weremaid (or merewolf?) love child.

7. Get photos of scantily clad perfection like this...

And this...

7. Document costume ideas for next year. For example, these guys had fake legs on the go-carts and zoomed around the parade all night with their real legs hidden under the carts. My personal favorite costume...

8. Be aware of costumes that make walking around difficult. My witch hat was too wide and kept bumping into people and falling off. I can just imagine how this guy felt. It must have been challenging to get through doors but he's flat screen so that helps...

9. Don't forget your designer bag. It really sets off your costume.

10. Take rests when you can because there is a lot of walking.

Good times.


  1. Oh my gosh!! I saw that guy from #7 (not the hunky ripped one) riding his bicycle down Santa Monica Blvd in WeHo in that exact same outfit and wig last week!! Not something you see very often on a weekday afternoon....on a bike.

  2. Fantastic! Definitely glad I went to this last year so I can say I've done it. My favorite was similar to your go karts. They were the teacup ride. Amazing.

  3. Awesome tights! And your little shoes, too...

  4. Wow - top night! I can't wait for Halloween next year when I'm in LA. I love getting dressed up. For some reason it's like a free ticket to acting like a complete nutter. My favourite way to be. =D


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