Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 311: Top 8 to 11 reasons to write morning pages

Since this entire blog is based in the experience of writing morning pages everyday for an entire year, I figure I should actually talk about that experience once in awhile.

For newbies to my blog, morning pages are one of the two basic tools introduced by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. The second is a weekly artist date, where you head out in the world to gain experiences that fill your creative pool.

My most recent artist date was a trip to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) where they had fancy art exhibits and my favorite, free potato kabobs!
I love me a good potato kabob.

Did the kabob inspire me? Not really. But it sure tasted great.

Back to the morning pages. I found this article by Laura Biering that listed these as 11 good reasons for writing morning pages:
  1. To achieve healthy, constructive expression of emotions;
  2. To attain greater clarity of thought and ease with prioritization;
  3. To augment brainstorming abilities;
  4. To develop a deeper spiritual life;
  5. To enhance mood and outlook on life;
  6. To have accurate documentation of life experiences;
  7. To heighten problem-solving skills;
  8. To improved performance of daily activities;
  9. To increase levels of self-awareness;
  10. To manage stress and obtain other health benefits; and
  11. To stimulate a healthier mind. 

Here are my 11 good reasons for writing morning pages:
  1. To bitch about my job
  2. To play with my  journal and pens
  3. To obsess about boys
  4. To write endless lists
  5. To discover blog material (like this here post)
  6. To bitch about people that bug
  7. To write hearts in the margins
  8. To make evil plans
  9. To ... well, I guess there is only 8.
Whatever your reasons might be, writing morning pages is still a good idea.

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