Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 314: Top 10 Hair Band Ballads

Clearly, I'm going through a weird phase. Maybe it's because my friend Joe transitioned out of this place and into something more ethereal. Maybe it's because the ides of November have turned gloomy. Maybe it's because it's Thursday.

But I am listening to the greatest hair band ballads of all time. We're talking drama. Songs that are all about how life is soooo over after we breakup. How it's soooo amazing after we fall in love. How it's sooooo much better with an epic guitar solo and a giant hairdo.

It's very juicy stuff.

And they all seemed so into their craft, not realizing that the songs were so over the top that they bordered on ridiculous. Which makes Spinal Tap still the best movie ever. 

So now, I give you my Top 10 Hair Band Ballads. You're welcome.
  1. Wind of change, Scorpions
  2. When I see you smile, Bad English
  3. Don't know what you've got 'til it's gone, Cinderella
  4. High enough, Damn Yankees
  5. To be with you, Mr. Big
  6. Something to believe in, Poison
  7. Is this love, Whitesnake
  8. Heaven in your eyes, Loverboy (for the Canadian contingent)
  9. I saw red, Warrant
  10. November rain, Guns N' Roses
Guns N Roses even had the balls to come out with a video that is 9.08 minutes long. Amazing!


  1. Easily one of the best videos of all time. Easily.

  2. Help me. I'm having flashbacks to 80s era House of Lords commercials on CityTV.

  3. I would add Skid Row 'I Remember You' and Motley Crue 'Home Sweet Home'.
    'November Rain' was released in 1991 I think, but the song originated in the 80s under a different name so i'll give you a break. And thanks for including the video too : )
    I'm not sure Guns N Roses is a hair band but 'Patience' is definitely in there as well.

  4. Only obvious omission that needs to be added to that list is something by Bon Jovi. :)

  5. I love the new crow paintings by the way! Very cool! :)

  6. They defined "a little over the top" and I LOVE it.

  7. If I were adding Bon Jovi, I'd have to add Livin on a Prayer. And, quite honestly, Guns N Roses could have taken up half the top 10. Since that wouldn't have been a very interesting top 10, I gave GNR top billing.

  8. I think "Winds of Change" deserves extra points for the whistling. It's not every day you get a whistle solo in a song.


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