Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 321: It's a fine dread

 Another fine lunch in Office Town.

Another morose little poem by your cheery bloggess. I'm not so much of a rhyming kind of girl but this is what came out one night when I was arrived at a bar early to wait for friends and was hanging with my beer and morning pages. Maybe it was the beer talking.

It's a fine dread

The alarm clock startles me awake
How many snooze buttons does it take?
I'm getting out of bed
But it's a fine dread

The coffee line is way too long
But I need to take my fix along
I sip in traffic to calm my head
But it's a fine dread

One day I'll walk the road
And lighten this heavy load
Right now it's all in my head
But it's a fine dread


  1. "Alligator Pie, Alligator Pie, if I don't get some I think I'm gonna die"
    I think this fine Canadian poet was thinking of coffee when he wrote this.

    The lengths we go,
    to get a cup of Joe,
    Are long and hard,
    Where the EFF is my Starbucks card!

  2. Jule,

    Your poetry skills
    Make me laugh to the gills
    Where do you get your wit
    Must be in the genes, I admit

  3. I did the opposite and didn't rhyme for once in a poem on my blog. Rhyming isn't so bad though is it? Ha ha... It was probably as funny for to be rhyming as it feels for me to now rhyme. I've been enjoying your recent poems. Sorry I haven't had time to comment recently...x


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