Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 322: The best hair barrette ever

This hair barrette was given to me by my friend Roxanne 15 years ago. She bought it at the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto. If you click on the image, you'll see that there are little kitties engraved on it. Cute.

She probably doesn't even remember this barrette. And she has no clue that I've had this hair barrette in my hair four days a week since the day she gave it to me. I'm constantly scrounging around for this simplest of hair accessories. It may not look like much to you but it is the most perfect accessory to me. It lays flat, the clip works well, I can hide it under my bun, and if I show it off, it matches everything. It's perfect.

And best of all, it reminds me of Roxanne. We don't talk so much these days but I know she reads this blog. And now she knows I think of her every time I put my hair up, which is most of the time.

This barrette has been through every advertising agency with me. It's been witness to many hairy moments, like when I wanted to pull it out over frustrations with "the process," inept account people and impossible client comments. Like today.

At the beginning of my career, when a project wasn't going my way, I'd take my hair out of my barrette, scratch my head, rub my eyes and take a few breaths. Then I'd pick up the barrette and proceed to put myself back together again, starting with my hair.

Not much as changed. Except that when I was younger, after the redo of the hairdo, I would stomp around and go to the Creative Director to demand retribution. I'd cry. Now, my eyes are a bit tired, my skin is a bit thicker and my spirit is a bit drained. These days, I put my hair back up and take the "water off a duck's back" approach. Though I still cry sometimes. Like today.

And all through that I've held it together with my hair barrette. And with the knowledge of the girl who gave it to me all those years ago. Roxanne and I have known each other since kindergarten. When I pull out the barrette, I am reminded that she is alive and well and living through her joys and frustrations, too. She's trying to hold it all together in her way just as I am in my way.

Though I have some extra help. I have the barrette.


  1. I like how you describe the earlier version of yourself and how you would react versus the current version of yourself. Honest. You rock. Keep writing!

  2. Nice. very impressed that you've managed to not lose it. Keep it away from Anna Maria!

  3. Cool! I made it in your blog! Totally honoured! And yes, I did forget totally about the barrette. LOVE YOU JAN! Roxanne

  4. Gifts like this are the best. The little things that you would never expect to end up being critical to your life for 15 years. I love it.

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