Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 329: A Canadian American Thanksgiving

Mr. Devrient, my History teacher in high school, once advised me to travel my own country before travelling others.

I didn't listen, which probably makes me a bad Canadian.

I spent all my free time in Ontario (where I'm from) trying to get a job in California. Then when I moved to California, I spent all my free time heading back to Ontario for weddings, baptisms, holidays and the like.

But this past weekend, I finally made it to Vancouver. I went to visit my friend, the great and wonderful documentary film maker, Pete McCormack, who I gush about here, and his super talented partner in crime Sam, who created a company called Echo Memoirs, which "transforms memories and photographs into stunning coffee-table books that leave a meaningful legacy for generations to come." They create seriously beautiful books, which make for better heirlooms than Aunt Bessies old spoon collection. Hint: They make a great gift.

Sam is so peaceful and lovely that she looks like she's meditating even when she's just looking at a menu.
See what I mean.

I also met one of my new favorite people, and by new I mean he's fresh out of the oven. A mere 3 months old:
His name is Booker and he's telling me funny jokes. 

They had an American Thanksgiving dinner party, which Pete writes about here. I was the token American, which is funny because I'm Canadian, but I think because I live in LA, that was enough of an excuse to make cranberries, stuffing and yams. 

We talked into the night about what we are grateful for and how we plan on using our talents to better our lives and our worlds. To describe this vastly talented group of people is beyond my skill set. But I can say that they are the living embodiment of these two quotes: 
"Be faithful to that which exists within yourself." -- Andre Gide
"God calls us to the place where our deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." -- Frederick Buechner
This group of people are really living their dreams, or at least are well on their way to figuring out a how to live happier lives. If they aren't living harmoniously off the grid, they are signing robust book contracts or teaching at universities about being ecological kind. And they do it with glee and optimism.

The rest of the weekend was spent talking, walking, eating and napping. I've had a lot of mulling going on in my noggin' and it was nice to bounce my ideas off my two insightful advisors while I bounced the third on my knee. 

I came away from the weekend with clarity, direction and a bit of a Buddha belly.

I didn't see much of Vancouver though. We were busy chatting. On the way to the airport they gave me a quick scenic tour of the city.

Sorry Mr. Devrient. Maybe next time.


  1. " was nice to bounce my ideas off my two insightful advisors while I bounced the third on my knee." Love it!

  2. Love the second quote!

  3. Man, you have such a way with words wise Janice. You are so eloquent; I love it. Keep writing, cause I'll keep reading. xoxo Gayle

  4. Who would listen to Mr. Devrient anyway?

  5. I'm with Roxanne...


    And..."Buddha belly"


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