Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 331: It's time to dance

Dancing with pal extraordinaire SuperKev.

It's time to dance

I'm acting scared because I think I should
I'm not scared
I'm sitting on my couch
In front of my fireplace
Wrapped in a blanket
I couldn't be less scared

I'm thinking of making a move
And I'm waiting for the emotions
Because I think I should
Stress, overwhelm and fear
Strangely, this trifecta is absent

Where to?
I'll figure it out when I get there
I know this
So why am I being sheepish?
I'm here now
Going there
Or wherever
Somewhere cool

I've got the cash
And I'll figure out the furniture
All this furniture is made of paper
Folded paper with little flaps
To go with the folded flap little me
That I thought I wanted to be
And I was
And it was great
And now I'm different
And it will be great again

I'm just acting scared because I think I should
But I'm not scared
I'm not sad for those I'll wave to bravely
This is the dance of my life
It's arranged in my honor
It's time to go
It's time to dance


  1. They will see us waving from
    Such great heights.. 'Come down, now,' they'll say
    But everything looks perfect from
    far away... 'Come down, now,'
    But we'll stay..."
    - The Postal Service

  2. I cannot wait to see where you're planning to dance. Good luck!

  3. In my most joyous, carefree, not-restrained-by-fear-of-judgement moments I often find myself dancing, sometimes naked. ;) There's a lot of beauty and truth in this poem. Stress can get overwhelming when your life's in a huge transition, as is mine right now. But standing right next to that stress is a pile of excitement. Keep enjoying your journey.


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