Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 341: Holiday mayhem has begun

This weekend in Santa Monica was full of holiday street festivals. All the shops stayed open late for people to get a head start on holiday shopping. There were twinkle lights a plenty and even a few carolers.

It was all very charming until the free food came out.

People barreled through stores trying to get to the free wine and grub in the back. No one seemed to care about shopping. They just loitered around the shops sheepishly looking for the cookies. People seem to have no problem cutting in front of mothers with strollers just to get their hands on a cheese cube.

I love how I use the word "they," as if my saintly self had nothing to do with it.

But it was Jack cheddar with jalapenos and it tasted great.

"Hey honey, now that our dishwasher gives us more free time, let's go out and trample our neighbors for free food."

All this holiday spirit reminds me of one of my favorite holiday books. No, it's not Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol.
I'll have a double.


  1. The jalapeno cheese has this effect on the brightest of people.

  2. This made me laugh. Thanks Blog Mama! =D


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