Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 347: My new daily status

This is what someone looks like when they know they've done the right thing by quitting their job.

The day I quit: Tired

The day after I quit: Shocked but delighted

The day after the day after I quit: Just delighted

It's currently 9:27 a.m. on Monday. The time that my daily status meeting ends at the office.

But since I quit my job last week, instead of walking out of the meeting with status sheets in my hand, I'm sitting on my chaise lounge chair, draped in an afghan with a coffee in my hand.

Best. Moment. Ever.

I thought that after I did it, after I left the job, that I'd be visited by my inner Mr. Panic Head. He wears a suit and is so high strung that he makes coffee nervous. He runs around in circles and starts every sentence with "What if..."

But, no sign of him so far.

I've only noticed a deep fatigue, coupled with feelings of relief and happiness. I'm tired but I'm happy. Like a mom who just gave birth and is holding her baby.

My baby is time. Wonderful, beautiful, perfect time.

I think this is what relaxing feels like. I just haven't felt relaxed in so long that I don't recognize it.

It feels a bit like a cold. 


    1. "... so high strung that he makes coffee nervous."

      You rule.

      Keep up the good work. I mean, fun.



    2. The Not So Corner OfficeDecember 13, 2010

      This is the post I was looking forward to! Get it girl!

    3. Janice, you're an inspiration. Not sure when you're leaving SoCal, but I'd love to catch up with you before you leave.

    4. Good on you Janice. Soak up the moment. I'm thinking of you over in sunny Australia. Not long (8 weeks) and I'll be back in LA to hang with you again. Can't wait! xo

    5. Oh yeah - Like Abby I'm a big fan of "... so high strung that he makes coffee nervous." Your such a witty lass. ;)

    6. Wow Cool! Do I say? Congrats!? I missed a few blogs, but this is big news! That first picture looks like one I have of your first PMS days. Are you in Langton on the 24th? Loved to catch up for a bit.


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