Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 354: Holiday gift to self

Confession: I have a mad crush on Charlie Boorman.
Ewan McGregor ain't bad either.

You may have heard of their two motorcycle odysseys. First, there was Long Way Round, when they went from London to New York east on their motorcycles.
 Hot stuff.

Second, there was Long Way Down, when they went from John O'Groats in Scotland south to Cape Town in South Africa.

But what really solidified my mad crush on Charlie was Race To Dakar, where he raced in the 2006 Dakar Rally, the most challenging and dangerous motorcycle race in the world.
Heart wrenching. 
Tear jerking. 
Adrenaline rushing. 
Mad-crush forming.

When I watched Race to Dakar, I was was all a kerfuffle, wondering if these guys were going to finish the race alive. People die in this race. DIE! If my Charlie were to have kicked it in this race, I would have shut off my TV, crawled into bed to waited for the end of time because there would be no point to go on.

Dramatic much?

Perhaps I am being slightly over the top. These guys have to first raise money for the race, train for months and prep like crazy. Then come race time, they race all day, fix bikes all night, travel through the desert in crazy hot conditions with cars whizzing by all day long.

It's all a bit much.

It's more stressful than watching 24.

Charley raced with Simon Pavey in the Dakar Rally. This year, Simon is racing again. The costs of this race are astronomical. Lucky for us, we can donate at his site.

Now I know there are a lot of worthwhile places to donate your cash this holiday season. There are people starving, poor children that could use a gift, and people in Haiti, the Gulf Coast and a thousand other places on earth that could use your help.

But let us not forget to donate to help those trying achieve their dreams. Because those are worthwhile causes, too. So this year, in addition to donating to those in need, I gave a little something extra to Simon to help him to the finish line. Why? Because it made me feel good, as selfish as that may seem to some. And I consider it an early birthday gift to self.

FYI, my birthday is December 27. Mark it on your calendar, dear reader.

The campaigning begins.

No need to give me gifts.

Good. Wasn't gonna.

Can't fit it in my suitcase for my trip around the world anyway. But, if you're feeling inclined to give to worthwhile causes, might I suggest giving both to people in need and also to people who are the the midst of achieving their dreams.

People like Simon.

It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Trust me.

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  1. Is Charley single? Maybe you should look him up when you're out touring the world...


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