Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 361: My birthday is pretty much the best day ever

December 27 is the best day ever. Why? Because on this day your favorite bloggess was born.

I don't understand why people hide their birthday or get mad when someone doesn't remember. Be the purveyor of your own life, I say. Give yourself the gift of reminding people that it's your birthday so that they can give you birthday wishes galore.

Facebook is very good about this.

What did we do before Facebook remembered the birthday of you and 527 of your closest friends?

All day long, I've clicked on Facebook to read well wishes... including a wish all the way from ROME. Facebook birthday wishes made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside all day long.

You know what else made me happy? The gifts I got from people.

I never said I wasn't into pressies.

Now, if you've been following along, you'll know that I quit my job and plan on getting my worldly possessions down to one suitcase so I can travel. Those who opted to give me gifts also gave me the gift of knowing that I'm getting rid of mostly everything. Good peeps.

Top 10 gifts I received for my birthday:

1. A song from iTunes called Love Love Love by the Mountain Goats. Lyrics include "Some things you do for money and some you do for Love Love Love." Like travel the world.

2. A card from the niece. She's 5 years old. She wrote out all the letters of the alphabet, then recited them to me. "A, ah, apple. B, buh, ball..."

3. A hike from the brother-in-law. To a new trail with all my favorite hiking requirements: A view, uphill, ample parking at the trail head. Yes, yes and yes.

4. Personalized stationery created by the sister so I can send notes from abroad from me.

5. Peet's coffee cards... that I'll use up before the end of the week.

6. My favorite chocolate cake... that I ate up before the end of the night.

7. A movie date from a friend. Complete with popcorn and movie of my choosing.

8. A small journal from my cousin so I could jot down notes here and there on my travels.

9. A call from a friend that was once a good friend, then regressed to a mere Facebook friend but is now BACK ON as a good friend.

10. An appearance at my birthday party from another friend who I've been on the outs with lately. That came over WITH stickers for the niece AND a coffee card AND hug for ME.

Best. Pressies. Ever.

Best. Birthday. Ever. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Janice!

    You've got it all......family, friends, and the pursuit of your dream!

    Bon chance!


  2. Just back from four days in Yosemite, the Sierras buried under so much snow that my car looked like a white elephant. So happy to hear you liked the song. I knew you would... but only 99%


  3. Happy Belated! So glad you enjoyed your day.


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