Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 365: The final day of this project

Drag racing at Slinky Mountain.

It's December 31st, which is technically the final day of my project. To recap, my project was to write morning pages daily (as created by Julia Cameron's The Artists Way) and to blog about the experience. I figured if my life could change inside the 12 weeks of doing The Artists Way, how could my life change if I did the course for a year? My plan was to find my true artistic calling.

Final tally:
  • I wrote about 345 morning pages.
  • I wrote 302 blog entries. 
Not too shabby. I didn't commit to blogging daily, but I did alright on that count.

And how did my life change as a result of doing this project?
  • I found my true artistic calling (Read about the discover here.)
  • I quit my job as a copywriter in an ad agency. Actually, I quit being a copywriter all together.
  • I decided to travel for a very, very long time, starting sometime in early 2011
  • I made a commitment to keep this blog up in 2011 (cheers hear throughout the world)
Not too shabby either.

Now I wonder, like many of us, what to do with 2011. This blog project started as a New Year's resolution. What is my 2011 New Year's resolution?
  • Improving my score? To write morning pages and a blog entry for 365 days. But what's the end result? Perfection? What's the point in that? I don't want to make this drudgery.
  • Make my blog bigger? Figure out ways to have a bigger audience, have a sharp curve up in my Google Analytics... become a BLOGGING SUPERSTAR. But then the small voice inside said, "I just want to write my blog because it's fun, not because of what it can become. 
  • Just do more sit ups? No. Thanks.
A friend of mine and I once discussed the true meaning of success. We agreed that if we could measure success by the amount of laughs we had in a day rather than our bank balance or pants size, we'd be the most successful people ever. We were very good at amusing ourselves.

That got me thinking about definitions of success. How can I have a successful 2011? By measuring the amount of countries I visit? By the friends I make? By the relationships I maintain? By the love life I create? Children I create? A house in the Hamptons? (That last one definitely won't happen. And the one before that... um, that would depend on the one before that and the one before that, which depends on the one before that... though I wonder if that one depends on the one before that.)

That sentence was exhausting. 

I'm somewhat perplexed about how to proceed in 2011, so I'm asking for your help. Dear reader, what is your resolution? And how do you plan on making 2011 a success?

Good question.

Ooh, maybe I'll measure the success of 2011 by the amount of blog comments I get. Oh how I love your blog comments.

That's all a bit much. 

Ya, no pressure. Anyway, happy new year. We've had a good run in 2010. And we're just getting started.


P.S. If one of your goals for 2011 involves earning a degree, which is always a good thing, here

is a great place to start!

P.P.S. If you need an end-of-the-year donation, might I recommend my fave Architecture for Humanity. Or pick from your favorite charities in Ed Norton's As they say, "Crowdrise is about raising money for charity and having the most fun in the world while doing it." Fun? Yes, please.


  1. Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!! Happy 2011 and all the adventures waiting...
    Congrats on your 365 day project...mahalo....

  2. I don't make resolutions. I've always found it so arbitrary to wait until January 1 to decide that that'll be the day I put my mind to something. Whenever I decide it's time to make a change or try something new or whatever else one can resolve oneself to do, then off I go. I hear that well-placed intention can defy anything. If that's the case, then calendars are certainly no match for it.

    As for your current perplexity about how to proceed in 2011, all I can say is what's happened to me in (roughly) comparable situations: When it was time, I knew. I didn't know what to do or how exactly to do it, but I did it anyway. After all, it's the journey, not the destination, right?

    --Joe Dungan

  3. Congrats on finishing your project Blog Mama! I'm with Joe Dungan in relation to resolutions (and everything else he wrote). After all, this is how I got my blog started. I just said "I'm not waiting til next New Years - I'm starting tomorrow!"

    But nonetheless - my suggestion is you simply continue to share your journey, knowing that with all this traveling you're doing you'll have no shortage of exciting things to write about.

    We'll enjoy reading, you'll enjoy writing. Everyone is happy. All the best with your 2011 adventures. xx

  4. I'm thinking the best measurement is the number of little moments you have where you know everything is really, truly okay. (For me these usually involve U2 on the radio and a warm summer breeze). You could probably measure yours in how many times you think to yourself, "Damn I'm glad I quit that job!"Looking forward to the year's travel posts!


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