Sunday, January 16, 2011

Destination 1: Hawaii

Why yes, Virginia, I do believe in private planes.

Secretly, I had wanted my first destination in my new life as a non-corporate girl to be Hawaii. But I put it out of my mind. I thought I had to start somewhere big like Paris. Somewhere super significant. Somewhere that wasn't in Los Angeles' backyard. (Oooh the Hawaiians would not like to be thought of in Los Angeles' backyard.)

But as fate would have it, a friend of mine was heading to Hawaii with her fancy golf buddies and was touching down in Los Angeles in her private jet to fetch them. She asked if I'd like to come along to some Champions Classic something-or-other-golf-thing in Hawaii.

Why yes I would.

This spontaneous trip to Hawaii would be reason #752 why it was good that I quit my job when I did. She admitted that she wouldn't have asked if I had to accrue the vacation hours to join her in Hawaii.

Gawd I hated having to accrue vacation days.

Gawd I love my charmed new life.

This was the first time I flew in a private plane. Allow me to explain the difference between flying commercially and flying privately:

In both cases, you get dry so it's good to drink water. 

Other than that, everything is different. 

I'm also aware of how non-green private plane travel can be, but hey, I don't eat meat, which has to count for something.

You may wonder if I backpacked or took a suitcase, based on my blog post from the other day.

Suitcased it. Hands down.

I failed at backpacking almost immediately. I failed at backpacking the moment I wanted to pack the brown shoes to go with the blue dress in addition to the black shoes I already packed for my black wardrobe. I now understand why Angelina Jolie wears black almost all the time. It's just easier to put all the pieces together. Why did I pack the blue dress and brown shoes? I'm staying in a fancy golf-richy-riches neighborhood. I can't be hoofing it in my Birkenstocks. That just ain't gonna fly in Fancyville.

After getting "leied" at the airport, we zipped through the fields of lava rocks and pulled up to our beach condo. Once we unpacked our clothes and surveyed the complimentary toiletry offerings, we made tea and spent the rest of the day gabbing. We were only interrupted when whales swam by.

I can't even make this stuff up.

I actually sat outside our condo in Hawaii and watched whales swim by. 



It's pretty much the most amazing day ever. Not a bad way to begin the world travels.



  1. You and your universe and now the charmed life! It takes both those things to align before you can watch fricken whales swim by your condo. Love it!

  2. Fancyville. That's on the North Shore isn't it?

  3. because I'm living a charmed life through your blog.....I'm very happy you chose Hawaii for your first (of many) world travels! aloha!
    p.s. whale photo please!!

  4. Hawaii is heaven on earth girlfriend! Enjoy!

  5. Silversurfer: It's true. I live a charmed life. Stick with me girl and you will too. It rubs off like... something that rubs off easily.

    Vicki: Thanks.

    Jeff: Yes, Fancyville is just past the North Shore, right next to the yellow brick road.

    AnUndertakersDiaries: I tried with the whale photos. Fail! They are so close to my porch yet in the camera, they are just a speck.

    Roxanne: Yes, Hawaii is paradise.


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