Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting my guru groove on in Hawaii

Dancing in waves at Hapuna Beach.

Warning: I'm about to get spiritual so you might as well decide right now how offended you're going to get.

Hawaii is a convergence of spiritual practices, which is probably why we get on so well. That and the flip flops. In Hawaii, there is the Christian tradition that came from the west, the Buddhist tradition that came from the east, plus the Ho O Pono Pono tradition, which is rooted smack dab in the middle of the pure Aloha Spirit.

I, myself, am also a convergence of spiritual practices:
  • I was raised Catholic and attend a Catholic church.
  • I attend services at Paramahansa Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship.
  • I also attend Michael Bernard Beckwith's Agape
  • I eat lunch at a Buddhist temple. They have the best vegetarian food. 
  • I am a practitioner of Spiritual Psychology as taught in a Master's Degree program at the University of Santa Monica.
    Chatting with Buddha on Waikoloa Beach.

    "What did you just say?"

    Since I'm in a spiritual hub, now seems like a good time to share how to have a conversation with big wigs like Buddha.

    How to chat with spiritual beings in 5 easy steps: 
    1. Sit down and shut up. (Technically, this is two steps.)

    2. Breath in deep to quiet down your mind. 

    3. Say a wee prayer. Mine is taken from Spiritual Psychology and it goes something like this: "Lord, I ask for the clearing. I ask to be surrounded, protected and guided by the clear white light of the Holy Spirit. I ask for only that which is for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned to be brought forth in service to evolving my consciousness. For this, and so much more, I am so grateful. And so it is." Feel free to use this prayer and edit at will.

    4. Imagine with whom you want to chat and start chatting. Sometimes this one of the heavy hitters like Jesus or Buddha (as shown above). And, sometimes it's someone in your life with whom you'd like to speak in order to gain clarity about an issue. I even say in my head, "I'd like to speak with the authentic self of (Insert name here)." Once you've got the vision of this person in your mind, start asking questions.

    5. Make space for that person to answer. Often an answer comes immediately. Sometimes it takes awhile. Most of the time, the answers seem to come from a being wiser than ourselves. But if it sounds like something our mother would say, that's likely our ego feeling uncomfortable or unsure so it's butting in. Just tell the ego to go away for awhile.  
    And that's about it. Pretty simple stuff. 
      Sounds a bit woo hoo.

      Ya, I hear that. Some people call this channeling, which can sound extremely woo hoo. But for me, it feels good so I do it. I'm my own consenting adult and it's not hurting anyone.

      Channeling (or whatever this is) can be a fun practice. For instance, I love sitting in church and having a conversation with my grandma who died years ago. And when was the last time you met Jesus for coffee? It's easier to visit Him in the coffee shop of your mind. After all, you can't just reach out and touch all deities.
      The original Pillsbury Doughboy.
      "Ooh that tickles."

      In Hawaii, the ocean has a lot to say as well. 

      As does the sunset.

      On this trip to Hawaii I even talked to my body image issues. In my mind's eye, I saw that I was talking to a blobby fatso that just said "bla bla bla bla" when I spoke to it. My lesson here was to ignore the voice inside that says "bla bla my thighs are fat bla bla" because clearly, it doesn't have anything worthwhile to say. This has helped me feel more confident when traipsing around in a bikini.
      This couple seemed very confident traipsing around showing it all off. So why am I hesitant?

      I highly recommend starting to chat with people or your body in your mind's eye. It's a calming practice. It provides the necessary answers. And just think of how much money you'd save by not having to go to psychics/gurus/clairvoyants/seers and the like, who pretty much do the same thing I've outlined above if they're worth their salt.

      Try it. What could happen?



      1. Congrats on your first destination! Great pick.

        Thanks for the tips. I may have to try some of that channeling stuff. I went to a great meditation class last night in Santa Monica - I think between that and reading this post, someone somewhere is trying to tell me I need to start practicing all this stuff more often.

        Love the old people on the beach.

      2. Janice, I love your taking time to connect within and to a higher source in Hawaii!!! AND... at the same time still honor a human voice from your thighs. As I am releasing weight, I am discovering a part of me is afraid to let go, it's my shield?! You so inspire me! I love the tips, it will help me get past to-do lists?!! :]

      3. Love this whole blog. I need to talk to Buddha and I need to talk to my body (and not use swear words).

      4. What a post. I've given up listing all the ways in which you are beautiful.

      5. I'm really enjoying reading about your Hawaiian adventure, particularly as I'm bound for the place (along with my incredible woman from whom I've been parted for a few months) in just 16 days. Oh, it will be pure heaven. If only I had a private jet. ;) By the way, I think you made the right choice. As much as the adventure of backpacking appeals I do believe it's a pass time for the young adolescent. We're by no means old, but let's face it, we're not adolescent. Enjoy some comfort, you've earned it. You'll still have plenty of opportunity to be social. It just may be that the person you're social with may not have already had a dozen beers, be dropping corny pick-up lines and want to get your clothes off. Rather, they may have had 6 glasses of wine, be slyly feeding you crafted flirtation and want to get your clothes off. ;) Keep enjoying every moment of your new life. I'm very happy for you. xxx

      6. Mel Heth: Yes, I think someone is trying to tell you something. In fact, someone is telling me to tell you that they are trying to tell you something. This channeling... wow... it works.

        lisoto: I hear what you're saying about the shield. I've had the same thing, which is a bit ass backwards. Ah life is a process.

        You've got to be kidding me: Thanks for the kudos! As for swear words, Elizabeth Banks once said "Ladies should use F-bombs sparingly, but to great effect." Keep it in mind when chatting with Buddha.

        Nagaji: Thank you for making me feel like the prettiest girl in cyberspace.

        Kevin: Thank you?


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