Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Zen at Disneyland

Mickey Mouse meets Janice MacLeod.

I took the nieces to Disneyland. Why? Because no matter how much you'd rather nap, read and watch TV, you remind yourself that it's not all about you. Besides, you've got a whole blog about you.

You've got to go Zen when you embark on a trip to Disneyland. There is the parking, the cost and the mile-long souvenir shop that can bring out your cynical self. Not to mention a sea of bored, tired parents. The key is to go to your happy place. To rev up the inner child. After all, it's never too late to have a happy childhood.

Getting to your happy place is easier when you've got a kid or two in tow.

The niece loved running into her favorite Disney characters. "I met the real Snow White!" she exclaimed. She has not yet gained an awareness of employees in costumes, or if she has, she's not owning up to it. And she was delighted to enjoy a leisurely boat ride through It's a Small World with nary a complaint about how the song repeats ad nauseam. Even the tram back to the parking garage was yet another thrilling adventure.

And I admit, though the curtain was drawn back for me years ago, I still love the magic Disneyland. I love it for all the reasons the niece loves it, but also because every "cast member" called her a princess, because they were masters at crowd control, and because they had Rice Krispie squares in the form of Mickey's head.

At the end of the day, me, the model aunt, stood in line with the niece so she could get her photo taken with the Mickey Mouse. As I approached the front of the line, I wished I could get a photo with Mickey, too. And in true Disney form, they had a cast member standing at the front of the line whose job is to ask even the shyest of aunts if they, too, would like their photo taken with Mickey.

Why yes, I would!

And the smile you see in the photo above. That was real. Why? Because I got my photo taken with the real Mickey Mouse!!!!

It's true. In that moment, I really was in my happy place, which happened to be in the happiest place on earth. 


  1. You're right Janice: you can't be grumpy at Disneyland. Unless of course it's THE Grumpy! I visited in Jan 1987 while on holiday in California. It's been a good resource for me. Whenever anyone proposes something ludicrous, my pat response is "Fantasyland: the happiest kingdom of them all."

  2. Wait, what do you mean employees in costumes?!

  3. I just foun your blog, and I m so happy to read about following the artistway!!! I live i Norway, and I have tried following the book many times before. I think your blogg will give me inspiration to recommence;-) HUGS Grethe under the Oaktree;-)

  4. you're the BEST Aunt Ever!!!!!

  5. Growing up in California totally wrecks you for eternity - you cannot help but love Disneyland. I could go there alone and still have a great time.


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