Friday, January 28, 2011

Part 2: Tending the garden of our DREAMS

I've been rereading Your Heart's Desire by Sonia Choquette. It's a simple guide to helping us attain our most heartfelt desires. In the book, we:
  1. Define our heart's desires
  2. Solidify action steps
  3. Take those action steps
It's not a big mystery, but so often our true heart's desires don't get achieved because they aren't juicy enough. Much of the time, our heart's desires are:

"Just not this. Not what is happening right now. The opposite of this."

And that, doth not a juicy heart's desire make. Once we take a deeper cut and really question ourselves on what would bring our lives the most joy and fulfillment, we must treat the answers like a freshly cultivated garden to nurture and nourish. We must also:
"...protect our dreams with strong boundaries. At this stage they are delicate sprouts barely entering the Universe and need to be surrounded with protection and vigilance."
This means we must protect ourselves from nonsupportive influences such as jealous friends or nay sayers. I've had to do this lately in regards to my sprouting world tour and newly launching nomadic lifestyle. These friends have said, Don't go. Then said, I want this and this and this from your house. They've also said, How much is your rent? I should take your apartment.

Friggin' vultures. I'M NOT GONE YET.

Then they barrage me with questions about who, what, why and when. Followed by their opinion of who, what, why and when.

I don't need their approval and I don't care about their opinion. I am also sheepishly aware that I created this mess because somewhere along the line, I started this garden of heart's desires but neglected to put a fence around it. And that attracts a vermin-esque quality in some of my associates. I'm sure their questions probably come from a caring and supportive place. Still, it has made me want to hide under the covers until the day I skip town. 

So I've been teetering on this line of energy... What do I share? What do I not?

In one case, I didn't share and was scolded by a "You LIED to my FACE!" which still makes me reverberate with contempt and seething. The truth was that I wasn't ready to share, and seriously dude, if you want to know more, read the blog. Be supportive in that way.

I also learned that you, dear readers, have been the most supportive of all.

Three cheers for us!
"Your desire should be treated like a treasure and secreted away from disbelieving eyes. A friend once said, 'If someone works against you, deny them you.'"
Which I did to Mr. LIED to my FACE who never reads my blog anyway. Pft.

Achieving our heart's desire also means:
"looking at every plane of energy and noticing any waste, clutter, distraction, or disorder that keeps you from focusing your full attention and energy on your dream. And it means finding the time and discipline to establish the order your dreams require for growth."
Hence my new found love of Craigslist, my local thrift store and my new Moleskin organizer.

As a result of reading Your Heart's Desire, my garden is coming along quite nicely:
  • I've put up that fence. Now when people ask, I tell them, "When I know and am ready to share, I will." 
  • I've shooed off the vultures who just want to pick through my stuff. I used my hardcore ninja moves. HI-YA!
  • I've sent light to my sprouting dreams. And used a few of my tears to water them.
  • I've nourished them with time to grow. This means keeping my schedule light so I can fit in time for action steps, meditation and daydreaming. I've also been keeping away from energy zapping friends.
  • And finally, I've surrendered how I think my garden should grow. My friend Pete McCormack, once said to me, "Let the seeds of love fall where they may. Let God take care of the rest."
And now, I hold the vision of harvest, when I can look back at these moments of my newly sprouted, tender garden and know that the world and my world are both better places because of it.


  1. Rock on with your bad self! As well as your good self!

  2. Awesome Janice. BTW, are you gone yet, because I love and want your coffee table. You have my number. Call me.


  3. Energy Zapping Friends. Loved their single "With Friends Like You." Saw them at the bowl in '05. Awesome.

  4. If I ask to take your apartment it will just be to keep it warm until you come back. And you better not give away your softee surfboard-summers coming and your coming with me ;) your friend formerly known as office spouse

  5. How much is your rent? I should take your apartment

  6. I think the world would be such a better, more fulfilled, more authentic place if people would daydream more often. There would probably be fewer nay sayers out there, too.

    The thing about the nay sayers, I've learned, is that most times they come around in the end. (Not that you really want them around after their bad attitude displays...) But I would say most times after they see how deftly you accomplish your dreams, they change their nays to I-was-wrongs.

  7. I'm finally catching up on some of your blogs, and I love this:

    A friend once said, 'If someone works against you, deny them you.'"

    Now *that's* a friend.


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