Friday, February 11, 2011

How to have a happy childhood

Yep, this is cheery ol' me.

I was hiking with my friend (and rad co-author of not just one, but two books) Marni today. She was explaining how she was healing moments of her childhood with what she learned from Harry Potter.


There is a scene in Harry Potter when he goes into the pensieve to view Dumbledore's memories. The pensieve is kinda like a cauldron of thoughts... like backup for your computer... wizard-style cloud computing, if you will. He can walk through memories but the people in the memories can't see him, nor can he participate in the memories. He's an invisible observer of the scene.

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So how does Harry Potter heal Marni's childhood memories? 

Well, Marni imagined hopping into the pensieve and zipping back back to a time in high school that was less than stellar. She sat with her teenage self, put her arm around her and held her lovingly. Even though the teenage version didn't know the older version was there, she felt comforted. Older Marni also imagined leaving a part of her loving self with the teenage self when she stepped out of the pensieve.

This sounds too woo hoo to me. 

Ya, but hey, it worked! Marni says she feels more calm and has sited all around more happiness.

Just like that? 

Just like that.

And all this healing work happens in the comfort of our own minds. We're our own consenting adults. What could it hurt? Wouldn't you like happier memories of less-than-stellar times?

So I tried it, too. I imagined jumping into my own pensieve and heading back to a few moments that were less than stellar. Since I'm decluttering my apartment, I figured I should declutter my mind, too. Sweep it clean. Not take it with me on my journey. Or, at least take a better memory than what's sitting in my noggin right now.
  1. I sat in a comfortable position like all the meditation teachers advise. If your meditation teacher asks you to sit in an uncomfortable position, I'd be concerned.
  2. I asked for the clearing. This is a wee opening prayer like the one taken from Spiritual Psychology: "I ask for the clearing. I ask to be surrounded, protected and guided by the clear white light of the Holy Spirit. I ask for only that which is for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned to be brought forth in service to the evolution of my consciousness. For this, and so much more, I am so grateful. And so it is." Feel free to use this prayer and edit at will.
  3. I went back in memory and walked beside that version of me. I sent her love. I sent love to the other person in the relationship, too. I walked along as a silent invisible angel emitting love to each of them in each scene.
  4. At the end, I did a forgiveness prayer. I imagined reciting this prayer to the person with whom I was in the scene:
    "I forgive you and set you free. Your actions no longer have power over me. I acknowledge that you are doing the best that you can, and honor you in your process of unfoldment. You are free and I am free. All is well between us. Peace is the order of the day" -- Spiritual Liberation, Michael Bernard Beckwith
  5. I imagined the other person acknowledging being heard by having them recite this prayer to me:
    "I know that within you there is an energy of forgiveness that forgives me and sets me free. My words and actions have no power over you. You are free and I am free. All is well between our spirits. Peace is the order of the day." -- Spiritual Liberation, Michael Bernard Beckwith
  6. Then voila! Healed. Well, not necessarily. I feel calmer now and I hope it took. That's the thing with all this new age spiritual healing stuff. It's sometimes tough to tell if the work worked. There are people who pop up and scream "I'm healed!" whether they are or aren't. I think true healing takes it's time. Like a bruise. Slowly the blue goes away. We don't see it go, but one day, it's gone.


  1. I remember seeing Too Woo Hoo at the Roxy about a year ago.

  2. Before a Monday Night meditation at Spirit Rock, Jack Kornfield said, "Please, make yourselves comfortable." There was a noisy and lengthy shifting of bodies in chairs. "Now tell me," said Kornfield, "why weren't you already comfortable?"

  3. I think one of your last posts about Marni involved Lord of the Rings. I like her taste in spiritual influences...


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