Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coffee with my favorite undertaker

You'd never know that this chick embalms bodies for a living.

Whilst in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada, I met up with fellow blogger An Undertaker's Diaries who has recently migrated her blog about cemetery plots to A True Undertaking where she is cultivating her garden plots.

I love how she delves into two very different kinds of plots. One that deals with living, one that deals with dying.

Her blogs deal with three major subjects:
  1. Picking up bodies at the scene and embalming: Step-by-step instructions but thankfully without photos
  2. Funeral home politics: There are friggin sales tactics to getting someone to upgrade to a more expensive casket, which has incensed her to no end
  3. Trading it all in to grow her own veggies and sell them at a farmers market: Though I campaigned heavily in favor of a roadside stand, which is just completely charming, non?
She's not a writer. She keeps telling me this. But she is a writer. She's a great writer. She writes her whole blog from her Blackberry and it has writers like me and Rotation and Balance, who actually get paid to write, reeling with praise. I've even called Rotation and Balance to say, "Did you read her latest entry? Read it." Then we discuss... unless we are stunned into silence... which we sometimes are when we read her entries. 

Meeting her for coffee was a delight. What I liked best?

Talking about what goes on between the lines on our blogs.

Because there are some things we can't say in Blog Land. I asked her what other funeral directors do with their time. I asked her the back story on the lawnmower accident she wrote about. I asked her what really happened with that disgruntled reader that left nasty comments. Get this: She knows who he is! And he doesn't even know she knows!

She asked me what Rotation and Balance looks like. I told her he's tall and wears black. She asked me who I wrote about when I wrote about my pocket of pain. I told her the sad story. The story that was too sad to post. Too sad because it hurt my heart to recount. Too sad because the person may read this blog. Too sad because it's just done and over and... very over.

Unrequited love blows.

And the further I travel, the more done and over and very over it is likely to be. Ugh.

But back to the good news.

I met up with Bethoney, the author of said blogs, and it was beautiful. She made me a gift, too. A beautiful bookmark decorated with the flowers she grew in her garden last year. Lightweight and useful for my world tour. I'd show you a photo if it wasn't in the far reaches of my carry-on bags that I have at my side as I write this to you from the Maple Leaf Lounge at the Toronto airport awaiting my flight to.... ah ha ha... stay tuned for tomorrow's post.

At a park, walking off the caffeine, in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.

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  1. It was a visit I won't soon forget!
    Let's cross paths again, shall we?
    Safe travels my artist friend!!


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