Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In search of Amélie

Since I'm in Paris, I figured I'd search out the sites of one of my favorite movies.

I love Amélie for many reasons, but mostly because we eat raspberries the same way.

To start my search for Amélie film sites, I zipped up to the Métro Lamarck-Caulaincourt, "the beautiful Metro station with the double staircase, where the blind man experiences a moment of transcendence as Amélie describes the mouthwatering sights of the bustling market on rue Lamarck." (Details and quotes were found here.)

Someone was filming here again. This time with fake snow.

Here is the scene from Amélie:

Amélie sticks her hand in the seed bin and befriends the kind grocery boy at the green grocer, Au Marche de la Butte

"But, of course, the location you really want to see is the lovely art deco café, Café les Deux, where Amélie works, which is, surprisingly, real."

I found this shot to be a rather pedestrian and it was too busy to go inside to have the Crème Brulée (that they named after Amélie), so I took another more fun shot on the side of the café. The lovely lady in the reflection is Jenny, whom I met at the airport. She's been game for doing touristy things avec moi while she was in town this week.

Here is my favorite scene from inside the café.

Who hasn't been there?

Now I'm left to my own devices so who knows what trouble I'll create for myself. My own version of Amélie? Peut-être.


  1. Very entertaining blog.I learn something new everyday

  2. By a beyond extraordinary "coincidence," I am listening to the Amélie soundtrack (for the first time since I bought it 10 years ago) as I check out your blog today. I love Audrey Tautou; if she were any more beautiful, she'd look like you.

  3. LOVE that movie. And love that you're hunting down the sites (and sights) from it!

  4. I loved coming out of that metro and seeing snow... that moment will probably stay with me for a long time.


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