Saturday, April 23, 2011

Having fun storming the castle

I love traipsing around Edinburgh, despite my disappointing hotel.

Edinburgh helps me feel at home in the land of my forefathers.

People here wear kilts all the time and I feel especially Scottish in mine. I also feel especially Scottish when people pronounced my last name correctly AND they don't follow it with, "MacLeod of the clan MacLeod."

Do all guys watch The Highlander? Is it in some global "Must-Watch TV for Males" manual? I don't get it. Even in France, the guys I met who couldn't even speak English said in very clear English, "MacLeod of the clan MacLeod" when I told them my last name. 

I'm never sure if it's a sign of affection or I'm being teased.

Anyway, Edinburgh is a beautiful Scottish city and it's even more beautiful in Spring. I can't believe my timing. Just as the last of the blossoms had trickled down from the trees in Paris, I came up relive them all again in Edinburgh.

I ate breakfast on one of the benches here and gazed out over the castle to plan my attack.
Yep, I'm definitely not in Kansas anymore.

 Now I explore Edinburgh Castle
Every castle needs a manly man to guard the entrance.

Either a warning sign, a family crest or a pharmacy.

This was a room where some guy spent his last nights before being beheaded. Charming. 

Tourists everywhere! Oh wait.

The castle people do a nice job of helping retell the many tales of the castle. Check out this guy. I thought he was feeling remorse for his crimes. Nope. I read the sign. He was sobering up. Ah, the Scottish.

I like me a good diorama. A lot of Exacto knife blades went into the creation of this elaborate scene.

The castle has many buildings to visit. It's bigger than you think. you'll want to take a rest once in awhile.

I'm not sure why this entire family is walking like they are in a strong wind.

Storytelling as you stroll. Headphones and an audio tour for 3 pounds.
The castle makes for a great backdrop for my tree blossom photos.

... and fountain photos.

So that's the castle. Touristy. Interesting. Chocked full of history. Glad I went. Got snapshots.

Seeing the castle made me want to know more of the history, but not to actually read more about it. It just made me want to go back to watch Braveheart and those Elizabeth movies starring Cate Blanchett where she offs Mary Queen of Scots.


  1. Beautiful!! In Edinburgh (& in many European cities) look for the free Sandeman New Europe Tours ( They're super fun, informative and a good way to get your bearing on foot in a new place. Highly recommended. For the one in Edinburgh, our guide told us the thrilling (!!) story of the Stone of Destiny.

  2. One of these days I would like to see a real castle .The pics are very interesting.Love reading about your adventures

  3. check out the underground city too -- notice the size and lovely living space of those 15th century Scotts who really knew a thing or two about recycling their garbage.

  4. After exhaustive research I still can't find out a damned thing about that snake plaque.

  5. Did you run into any McMurchy clans? First place I would look is at the local pub!


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