Monday, April 25, 2011

Knickerbocker Glory and life's other important lessons

This is a Knickerbocker Glory. A very fancy name for a typical strawberry sundae.
Remember when I said that my timing couldn't be perfect on this trip and that God was just showing off? Well tonight in Edinburgh is yet another example of this.

I met Meghan last week in Paris when she and her mom were on vacation. I sheepishly admit that we met at an English language bookstore in Paris. (This is a clue as to why my French never improved.) I thought they were cool chicks. Later I discovered that Meghan's mom went to the same school as myself, the University of Santa Monica, which explains the cool factor.

Whilst in Paris, we spent time exploring the 5th, talking about food and blogs. Meghan is a student at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and a foodie, so naturally, we had to dine upon my arrival.

Travel tip: Seek out foodies. They know the best places in town to get good grub.

Turns out, the best place to get grub in this Scottish town is an Italian restaurant. She brought her friend MC along and we three chatted into the evening.
Meghan and MC.
We talked about life and dreams. They are students trying to figure out what to do with their lives. I'm not far off. Except I'm on the other end of the career scale.

Though I've got some ideas.

And so do they.

I tried to tell them what people didn't tell me when I first started out. I told them how and why they should live beneath their means. I told them how they must follow their enthusiasm to figure out what to do in life. I told them that money can't buy happiness but happiness can't buy much so they must learn to balance making a living with making a good life.

I tried not to be preachy... until I told them about the best journal and pen in the world. Then I think I rattled on a bit.

These girls impressed me. They were articulate and wise. They were far more advanced than I was at their age.

When I was a student, plugging away at my essays and trying to balance a higher education with earning street cred, I was much more timid. These girls have moved to other countries to get their education, which alone is a brave thing to do. Meghan from the USA and MC from Italy. They are citizens of the world, hopping on planes and trains without it being a big giant deal.

Meanwhile, me and my country bumpkin self, can't sleep the night before a flight and obsessively research how to get from the train or plane to the hotel or apartment. Forget about what I'll do in the city I visit. Just get me from the safety of the plane to the safety of the hotel. Then I'll figure out the rest. I'm not quite comfortable with transitions yet.

Yet these ladies take it all in stride.

It was a good lesson on how to not freak out whilst traveling. Or in other words...

Near the end of the evening, we realized they had eight minutes to catch their train so we ran in the rain to the station. They leapt gracefully onto the train, and though I couldn't hear them at that point, I'm sure they were giggling the whole time.

Once settled in their seats, they texted me that they were successfully on their way.

Yes. They are.


  1. Sister, you are anything but a country bumpkin.

    I was nervous the first time I rode the tube by myself in London. You are a million leaps and bounds ahead of most people, myself included.

  2. Remember the days when you frighten of the big yellow school have come a long ways


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