Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sometimes I think God is just showing off


I think God is just showing off on my "vacation."

First, a few months back when I started this trip, my first flight was with Aine, with whom I've traveled to Japan, Ireland, France, Italy and Canada. And it was completely coincidental. She was in Santa Barbara on business. Score.
Maple Leaf lounging with Aine. We are too experienced to not get lounge access.

Second, again by complete coincidence, my friend Alexis and her husband Sebastian were in Paris on vacation while I was here so we got French grub together.
French people eat French food every single day. We couldn't get over it.

Third, I wondered why the heck I managed to rent an apartment off Rue Mouffetard in Paris because, to me, it was in the boondocks and far away from everything cool... but it turns out I was close to this hot number, whom I was meant to meet.
You can't see it but he's holding my hand. He never lets go.
Even without speaking the same language, we figure it out.

And fourth, MY UNCLE AND AUNT ARE IN PARIS ON VACATION AT THE SAME TIME AS ME!!!! Originally, I was going to head on my merry way a few days before their arrival, but heck no, not when there is exploring, giggling and talking to be had all over Paris. A quick call to the airline and I was back on the streets of Paris. (That doesn't sound right.)

Voila! Presenting THE Aunt Mary and Uncle Brad.

My uncle, aunt and I never finish any conversations. We start, of course, and we talk non-stop but we get sidetracked, like when we were talking about our experiences at the Musée D'Orsey but then came across all these pretty little horses:
And it was her idea to go for a ride. How great is that?
We also have a similar cadence with which to explore museums. One is ahead, one is behind, one is in the gift shop. But somehow we all manage to enjoy the art together.

You don't think it's important to have a good museum-going relationship with someone until the person you are with is bored or hungry or not as into the art as you are. Luckily, my aunt and uncle like the same museums as moi and explore said museums with a similar gait as moi. Here we are at the Musée de l'Orangerie, where we gazed at the murals of Monet's waterlilies:

When traveling with others, it's also very important to have the same needs at the same time... like when we three needed a caffeine fix and sugar fix at an outdoor café in St. Germain de Prés.
"That chocolate shop was one of the highlights of my life." -Aunt Mary

Happily sipping legal addictive stimulants with family is good times.
After that, it was church hopping.
Notre Dame just had a face lift. It looks 500 years younger.
While God was showing off by bringing many of my favorite people to Paris, the Catholic church was showing off, too. The best example of this—by far—is Sainte-Chapelle church, a stained glass masterpiece of a church right in the heart of picturesque Paris.
How about a glass church? Why yes. That would be divine.
These days they have classical music concerts here every night. The Parisians know how to live.
I think someone was definitely showing off to God with this rose window.

My uncle and aunt are here in Paris for three weeks to celebrate my aunt's retirement. My uncle already retired a few years ago. Then there is me, who is acting like she's retired.

Am I full time tourist? Retired? Lost soul? Nomadic blogger?

Yes and no to all of it.

I could think more about the definition of self, but right now, I've got a man next to me watching Dawson's Creek with French voice over. Gotta go.


  1. God may be too, but now YOU'RE just showing off. I'm teasing of course, but still insanely envious.

  2. It was the Dawson's Creek wasn't it. You're envious over the French voice overs. That put it over the edge.

  3. Say hi to Brad and Mary they are also my favorite rellies they were the chosen ones .I wish I was there. Good times

  4. Dawson's Creek?? Now that was the funniest thing in the whole blog.

    Glad you're still 'on the streets' ;)

  5. So beautiful jbomb! You lead do lead a charmed life, and everywhere you walk you leave more sunshine in your path! You're like a skittles commercial.

  6. I'm a little hurt that "mom" is playing favourites. Props on her use of the word "rellies" though.


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